Hawk Nation, your women’s basketball team is victorious yet again. 

To be perfectly honest, it’s becoming more and more difficult to put this historic run into words.

I think DJ Khaled put it best: “All I do is win, win, win no matter what.” 

On Saturday, the Hawks took down longtime PSAC rival Slippery Rock down in a 77–48 blowout.

Like many opponents, The Rock held on to start the matchup and was behind by only three points within the first 10 minutes. After this point, the Hawks took The Rock by storm.

The Hawks dominated Slippery Rock defensively, limiting them to an anemic 23 percent from the field and an even worse 12.5 percent from deep. 

This was yet another standout performance for Rajah Fink (sophomore, management). Fink came off the bench and put up an impressive 16 points and helped push pace with her down-hill offense. In her last two games, Fink has put up 36 points off the bench and has really pushed this team to new heights. 

“It’s been really easy having a team like this,” Fink said in a post-game interview. “Helping our teammates succeed is part of why we’re a good basketball team. 

“My team has been boosting me up every step of the way.”

As one of the leaders of the team, Lexi Griggs (senior, nursing) chimed in on her teammate’s success. 

“As her teammate and her friend, I love pouring into her and keep boosting her up,” Griggs said. “She works hard for it. I’m very proud of what she is doing and accomplishing on the court.”

Griggs had a big performance of her own Saturday night. She led the team in the scoring column with 21 points in her second 20-point performance of the season. Griggs shot an efficient 7–9 from the field and helped her teammates with three assists.

Griggs addressed her standout performance after the game. 

“It just sort of happened,” Griggs said. “My teammates were finding me. They have a lot of confidence in me.  

“I let it go, and it just went in.” 

This win extends the Hawks’ win streak to 19 games and puts them at 21–1 this season and 16–0 in the PSAC. 

The Hawks will be locked in this week as they will start what will most likely be the hardest week of the season. The Hawks will take on California (Pa.) on Wednesday and Gannon, which ranks second in the PSAC behind the Hawks. 

Head coach Tom McConnell talked about his team’s upcoming stretch of challenging games. 

“We talk about staying in the moment,” he said. “We talk about one thing in the locker room. You see a little, and you see a lot. You see a lot, and you see nothing.”

Insight like this is part of the reason the Hawks have been so successful year after year. If this team can continue to stay focused and, in the moment, they will continue to dominate like they have all season and make a run at the ultimate glory when it’s all said and done.

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