The Crimson Hawks women’s basketball team is hot off a 86–79 loss against No. 22 Glenville State. 

No need to panic, Hawk Nation.

This was the Hawks’ first big challenge of the year, and they had a lot not go their way in this battle of two top-tier teams in Division II.

It was a back-and-forth affair between these two powerhouse programs with multiple lead changes. IUP seemed to have the edge in the first quarter, shooting an efficient 70 percent. 

The Hawks were leading at one point 25–21; however, Glenville State would turn the tables in the second quarter. The Pioneers were playing stout defense and caused nine turnovers for the Hawks.

Glenville State led 40–37 going into halftime and never allowed the Hawks to come back. The Pioneers came out hot in the second half and outscored IUP by 10 to open the third quarter.

Despite bringing the deficit down to single digits in the fourth, the Pioneers iced the game with multiple clutch three-pointers. This will go down as IUP’s first loss of the season, giving the Hawks a 2–1 record.

This game exposed some weaknesses for IUP. 

“We have to get back to the gym and work on getting better and not turning the ball over and guarding the line,” redshirt junior Maura D’Anna (physical education) said.

“We really have to do a better job guarding the line and trusting our help defense,” head coach Tom McConnell said. “It’s hard to come back from 10 threes.”

Two stats really stuck out against the Pioneers as the Hawks gave up the ball 23 times and allowed 10 three-pointers. 

“With the 10 threes we gave up and the 23 turnovers, that doesn’t make for a winning combination,” McConnell said.

Despite not getting the win, the Crimson Hawks put up a solid performance against the Glenville Sate Pioneers. The Hawks outrebounded the Pioneers by a margin of six rebounds and managed to out-shoot Glenville Sate.

The Hawks also saw a career performance from sophomore guard Mikayla Lovelace (chemistry) who managed to put up a career-high 17 points and led the Hawks for most of the game. 

“I was really encouraged by Mikayla Lovelace. . . It was really encouraging seeing her play the way she did,” McConnell said.

The Crimson Hawks will look to recover and take the lessons learned from this matchup into their game Wednesday against Pitt-Bradford.

“Fouling and guarding the three,” senior forward Lexi Griggs (nursing) said. “That’s what we need to translate into practice and move on to the next game and have success.” 

The Hawks will have a lot to work on and will look to fly high again and rebound Wednesday. 




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