Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (right) celebrate with Mickey Mouse in the Super Bowl victory parade in the Magic Kingdom on Monday, February 4, 2019 at Walt Disney World, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS)

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Super Bowl? More like Tank Bowl.

Each year the NFL puts two of the year’s best in one showdown for the coveted Lombardi trophy. Last night’s game, however, looked more like a preseason game.

Last issue I predicted that we would see a high-scoring matchup. What we got was a defensive showcase, along with a pitiful offensive display.

The New England Patriots became the second team in NFL history to win six Super Bowl titles,  matching the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tom Brady, age 41, threw for 262 yards and one interception on the night. Tallying zero touchdown passes, Brady looked fickle when matching up to Aaron Donald and the Rams defense. 

Former first-round pick QB Jared Goff had a similar line: 229 yards and one interception.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski made two of three field goals on the night to add some insurance to New England’s lead. RB Sony Michel padded their lead with a 2-yard touchdown run with seven minutes remaining in regulation. He finished the game with 94 rushing yards.

Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein was the offensive MVP for Los Angeles, as he put up their only three points in the game. 

This led to a 13-3 final score, the lowest in Super Bowl history.

Another hindrance to the game was Maroon 5, Travis Scott and the halftime show.

I cannot think of a more vanilla show than that. First off, no “Sweet Victory,” just a teaser. Yes, there was a teaser featuring “SpongeBob SquarePants” and the “band geeks,” but the NFL did what it always does: ignores the fans. 

Second, “Sicko Mode” was bleeped out. If you perform a song live, it should not contain censored verses. It ruins the aesthetic feeling while watching on TV.

Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman was given the honors of Super Bowl MVP after he caught 10 passes for 141 receiving yards.

Los Angeles ran the game like a chicken with its head cut off. Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson put on poor performances, true anchors to a season that made them both look unstoppable in every facet of the game.

One thing is for certain. It finally felt like a year when New England won without any scandals plaguing their victory. It even got to the point where the true Yinzers in many at IUP even gave credit to the Pats. They took advantage of a lost offensive unit in the Rams and completely made Goff look overrated.

But the Rams should not be viewed as a fluke team. Why? They have lots of young talent that took the league by storm this season. The reason they fell on the grandest stage was lack of postseason experience.

For what they had, they had an impressive season. It will be interesting to see how L.A. pans out next year since they should be staying structurally sound.  

But for now, all hail the 2019 Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. 

Hopefully next year’s game is more intense and has someone else for the AFC other than New England.

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