Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz

The Philadelphia Eagles’ win against the New York Giants on Monday was a crazy one to say the least. 

It was pretty much a replica of the Dolphins game last week because of how most of the game went. Eli Manning could have played his last game at Lincoln Financial Field in a Giants uniform because of the Daniel Jones situation and the fact that he is the Giants’ quarterback of the future.

Manning got off to a hot start in the first half of the game, and New York’s offense was buzzing. It didn’t take long for the Giants to put up 17 points and build a significant lead on the Birds.

The Eagles’ defense could not stop the Giants at all in the second quarter, which has been a problem for most of the season. The Eagles had maybe four games of stellar defense, and that’s about it. The good news is that the second half was a different story for the Eagles. 

Carson Wentz was getting in a rhythm and hitting his No. 1 tight end, Zach Ertz. Both Ertz and Boston Scott were the stars in this game and were one of the big reasons why the Eagles won. 

The Eagles got the running and passing games going, which was the key to success in winning this game and should have been the same thing the last three games. The inconsistency continues to plague the Birds, which is a recipe for nothing but disaster. 

Going back to the game, Scott was looking like a star out there. I have not really seen this kind of running from the Birds since they played the Bills. Scott rushed for only 59 yards but got a couple few big runs that got the Birds’ momentum going. Not only was Scott good lining up behind Wentz as the running back, but he also was involved in the passing game with Wentz. 

Miles Sanders also was just as involved in the running game. Moving back to Ertz, he and Scott were the only ones with touchdowns in the game. Ertz had the OT winner as the Eagles marched down the field on their first possession of overtime, and Wentz fired one into the end zone to Ertz. 

This is how the game ended, and I think it was a great way to win because of how the Eagles came back. This team has still showed a little firepower yet and is not done. Now, the win has them tied with the Dallas Cowboys, and they control their own destiny. 

It’s simple; if the Eagles win out, then they are in. If they were to lose somehow to Washington, they would have to hope for a couple Cowboys losses, and the Eagles would have to beat Dallas and New York. The Eagles have the easiest schedule remaining, and the only tough opponent they have is the Dallas Cowboys in a few weeks. 

The Birds must focus ahead though for a date against Washington. We have clearly seen in this league that it doesn’t matter what your record is – you can still have a shot at the playoffs.

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