Ishaaq Muhammad - 9.13.19

Saturday, Hawk Nation is going on the road to Millersville as the IUP football team takes on the Marauders. Both teams are undefeated this season, as they both won their season opener.

The Crimson Hawks are looking to continue climbing the rankings as they come into Week 2 ranked No. 24 in the nation. Last week, IUP played smart and tough defense and ended the game with three interceptions and four sacks to limit New Haven to only 13 points. 

The Hawks displayed moments of brilliance on offense last week but had some hiccups late in the game. IUP is looking to cut down on the turnovers this week after throwing three interceptions and giving up a fumble, all of which could have been very costly. 

This squad showcased its potential offensively, and it is hoping to build on that performance and continue to build chemistry with its new quarterback.

If last game was any indicator, look for the Hawks to air it out on offense and unapologetically play all out. 

This game will be no walk in the park for the Crimson Hawks, though. Millersville is coming off a tight win against Pace. The Marauders came from behind in the fourth to overcome the odds and take down Pace 21-20. They seemed to put it all together at the right time in that matchup.

Millersville has a solid rushing attack, and it fully utilized this in its first game when it rushed for more than 160 yards. With such a potent backfield, the Hawks need to be careful as the Marauders could dictate the time of possession and own the clock. 

IUP will most likely look to take advantage of Millersville’s lapses on offense. The Marauders turned over the ball three times against Pace, and the Hawks will likely try to wreak havoc on Millersville’s offense.

If they can disrupt the Marauders’ offensive flow, IUP should be able to come away undefeated going into Week 3. 

Going into this matchup, the Hawks have history on their side as they have beat Millersville in their last six matchups. In more recent history, IUP blew the Marauders out of the water last season with a 41-7 win at home.

IUP is 32-8 against PSAC East opponents, and the Marauders are going to try to add another loss to the Hawks’ stat sheet.

 It is truly going to be an interesting matchup between these two programs as each will look for a 2-0 start to the season.

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