Obviously, this holiday break is unlike any before; lockdowns are looming and family gatherings are up in the air.

The break will mirror 2020 as a whole, and people will do nothing but stay inside and find ways to be entertained. Luckily for the readers of this article, I am providing some solid choices between classic holiday movies and big NFL matchups. This is not a hot take article, so sit down, shut up and drink some eggnog.

We will start with a Week 15 matchup. The New England Patriots travel to sunny Miami to play the Dolphins. This division matchup will have heavy playoff implications for both teams. The Dolphins sit at 8-4 and the Patriots at 6-6. They both face very good opponents in Week 14, when the Patriots will start the week off Thursday night against the Rams.

A Super Bowl 53 rematch will have a hot Los Angeles Rams team host Bill Belichick and the Patriots. The Dolphins will host the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots could have newfound life after beating the Chargers 45-0. The Dolphins are struggling following a Week 11 loss to the Denver Broncos.

Miami has played two teams at the bottom, the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets, putting up a combined 63 points. The new playoff format allows one more team to make the postseason, and the American Football Conference (AFC) is as tight as ever. The winner of the Patriots’ and Dolphins’ Week 15 matchup can decide their fates.

If football doesn’t interest you, then I suggest binging some holiday classics. Start with the greatest holiday movie of all time: “Die Hard.”

It combines the essentials to a good movie, which are action, humor, love, good versus evil and the greatest death scene in movie history. The movie takes place at Nakatomi Tower in Los Angeles.

John McClane must not only reconcile with his wife but save her company Christmas party from a group of international terrorists. Unless you hate true love and action scenes, I would suggest Charlie Brown.

“Die Hard” not only paved the way for all action films, it set the holiday spirit like no other. A film packed with so much love and so much passion for good really embodies the holiday spirit. I mean, it's not about a fat bearded white guy who spies on children, keeps a list of all their naughty actions and gives the poor kids worse presents than the rich ones. That would be bizarre.

Speaking of fat bearded men, it's back to watching football. Week 15 offers another huge matchup. The AFC favorite, the Chiefs, against the National Football Conference (NFC) favorite, New Orleans Saints. Somehow, it's not primetime because the NFL would rather have Nick Mullens versus Andy Dalton Sunday night.

The two heavyweights enter the Superdome to compete for true NFL dominance. This game doesn’t have as many playoff implications as other games, however, it will prove a lot about each team. The Chiefs have been playing down to their competition lately. The Saints needs to prove they are good enough to beat a team like the Chiefs without Drew Brees.

Another holiday film that stands above the rest has to be “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” The film starring John Candy and Steve Martin is a must watch. In a series of unfortunate events, Martin must find a way home in time for Thanksgiving. Candy, a shower curtain ring salesman, is his only companion.

In a film that offers belly busting laughs, it also offers deep emotional value. The rollercoaster that is the journey home combines humor, patience and compassion. The film hits on notes that are necessary for a feel-good holiday flick.

Staying in the holiday spirit, you can’t forget the Griswold family. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” offers the greatest family ever put to film. Chevy Chase, who plays Clark Griswold, is at the top of his game in this movie as he attempts to be the best father during the holiday season. Hilarious disaster after disaster throws his plan haywire. Granted, sometimes due to his own incompetence, Griswold means well.

Changing the channel back to NFL competition. Week 16 showcases the AFC’s top contenders, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. A key match-up for both football teams. Pittsburgh plays the Buffalo Bills Week 14, but win or lose, their game versus the Colts is more important.

The Colts won’t be competing for a first-round bye but will be competing for home field advantage in the first round, which does mean something because they are permitted fans. The Colts have had a tougher schedule this season, and the Steelers need to prove they can beat a playoff team. The Steelers will also be competing for a first-round bye.

Regardless, whatever you watch during your break, I hope it is full of good health and positivity. During this difficult time in our nation, reflect on what you have. Take time to understand that this time may be difficult, but there are humans around the world and in your community that are worse off.

Believe it or not, the holiday is not about Santa Claus coming to town, it is about embodying the holiday spirit and giving back.

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