The Celtics' Jayson Tatum dunks for two of his 26 points against the Pacers in Game 2 on Wednesday.

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Folks, the first round of the NBA playoffs have come and gone. 

The first round was full of thrilling series, shots and stories, but the second round is now in session, and it promises to be even more thrilling than the first.

One series that has promise to be one of the most entertaining of the year has to be between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. 

The Celtics came into the season with a bevy of expectations after making it to game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Sadly, this year has been mired with bumps in the road for Boston.

Many had them being the hands-on favorite in the East; however, chemistry issues have adversely affected Boston. The Celtics under-performed in the regular season, finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference with 49 wins. 

Boston swept the Indiana Pacers in the first-round of the playoffs and is now tasked with beating the number one seed in the East. The 60-win Milwaukee team, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, has been on fire this year.

It seems that the Celtics have put it together and have silenced their doubters. They took game one handily 112-90. Boston looked unstoppable on offense, and even better defensively. 

Celtics center Al Horford did a superb job of clogging the lanes against Antetokounmpo and even blocked a couple shots from the 7-foot giant.

The Bucks were able to rebound in game two with a 123-102 victory.

Meanwhile in the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors thought they had a hard matchup ahead of them. 

The Warriors lead 2-0 in a rematch against the Houston Rockets this post-season. Last year, the two met in the Conference Finals, and Golden State won in seven.

Houston had early season struggles, but it seemed the James Harden put it into high-gear this season. Harden was putting up ridiculous numbers all season long and averaged a league high 36 points per game.

Game one was a nail-biter that ultimately ended in the Warriors’ favor 104-100. 

The Rockets put on an offensive clinic. Sixth man Eric Gordon put up a staggering 27 points against the powerhouse team. In addition to Gordon, Harden had a typical game with 35 points. 

Game two was no different, as the final score ended in Golden State’s favor 115-109. 

The Warriors took both of their home games. The Rockets put up a good fight, and it looks as though they are primed to take a couple games in Houston.

One thing is for sure, the Rockets and the Warriors are going to have another stupendous playoff series. 

The other series are both currently even at 1-1.

In the West, Portland and Denver’s deadlock comes following a pair of relatively narrow wins by each team.

The Nuggets took game one 121-113 while the Trail Blazers won game two 97-90.

Back in the Eastern Conference, the Process in Philadelphia is looking to advance into the conference finals for the first time since 2001, coming back from a tough 108-95 game one loss to the Toronto Raptors to win game two 94-89.

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