In a normal year, October is the best time for any sports fan because, that is the only time of the year when all four major American sports can be viewed (NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB). Because of coronavirus, that magical time is taking place now.

Currently the NBA, MLB, and NHL are staging their seasons after the initial news of the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the rest of the world may seem to be on hold, sports are in full-swing and fans are loving it.

Let us take a step onto the ice and see what is going on in the world of the NHL. After postponing their season, the NHL has resumed the playoffs in a bubble situation like that of the NBA. Games are being played with no fans in attendance, which has been a weird experience for many fans.

“I really do like the fact that games are being played in the bubble. Having no fans is a bit different for me, but it’s still enjoyable to watch,” said Charles Hawn (Junior, Nursing).

Currently, all the series in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs have not been close ones. With all series having a team leading 3-1 and Tampa Bay already beating Boston 4-1.

Many fans have taken a liking to Tampa out east after blowing out both Boston and Columbus in 4-1 gentleman’s sweeps.

“I like Tampa Bay right now. They are dominating everyone they play right now,” said Hawn.

Out west, the two favorites are Las Vegas and Dallas after taking a commanding 3-1 lead in their respective series. These two squads both have potential to challenge a team like Tampa Bay if they can make the Stanley Cup Finals.

“I like Vegas out west. I feel confident that Vegas has the talent to put the west away. I would love to see them go against Tampa in the Finals,” stated Hawn.

Taking a trip to the diamond, the MLB has just started their season and has had varying results that have left some fans dissatisfied with this season’s overall level of satisfaction.

This season has even been described by some as a disappointment.

Jacob Slebodnick (Senior, Communications) described his feelings on the 2020 season so far, “The league overall is serving its purpose, but the season itself has been a disappointment. COVID-19 policies and umpiring has just left the overall experience lacking.”

The league has had to postpone several games already because of COVID-19 concerns, like the meeting that was scheduled between the Mariners and the A’s for Tuesday.

With the COVID-19 side of things aside. Teams like the Dodgers have emerged as early favorites by many to be top contenders this season after acquiring Mookie Betts in a trade from Boston.

“The Dodgers are major contenders for me right now. They were already a solid team, and signing Betts was a big addition,” said Slebodnick.

With other professional sports like the NBA and NHL establishing bubbles, some fans and analysts’ question whether or not the season will even be able to finish due to the current pandemic.

“It is doubtful that the MLB will finish their season without a bubble,” said First Take’s co-host Max Kellerman.

Whether or not the season will be able to have a conclusion remains to be seen, but fans should take the time to enjoy the season that is going on and see the great baseball that lies ahead.

Dribbling over to the NBA, the playoffs have been a huge success for many after deciding to finish the regular season and starting the playoffs inside of a bubble in Disney World.

The early goings of the playoffs have been interesting as we have seen some teams like Miami come to life and beat the Milwaukee Bucks in their first game of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals.

Milwaukee for much of the regular season had been many people’s favorites to potentially win the Eastern Conference, but after the 115-104 loss to the Heat some fans are questioning whether they can win the Eastern Conference.

Some fans have said that Miami has been slept on all season and are a real threat in these playoffs.

“I still have hope for Giannis and the Bucks, but I was leaning Miami at the beginning of the Playoffs. They are really good,” said Mohammed Sissoko (Senior, Criminology).

While teams like Miami have been a surprise to some, it has come to no surprise that the Lakers handled their business and bounced out a hot Trailblazers squad that had fought tooth and nail for the eight spot in the West.

After the trade for superstar Anthony Davis, many realized that the super-duo of Lebron and Anthony Davis would cause waves around the league. So far, they have done just that after earning the No. 1 seed in the West and dominating the regular season.

Their dominant performance has left many feeling that they could go the distance in the bubble.

“I personally like the Lakers in the West. I feel like Lebron and A.D. can win a title together. It may just be them, but that’s enough to win it all,” said Sissoko.

So far, the NBA title is up for grabs. There are multiple teams like the Lakers and the Heat, that could have a legitimate chance at winning a title.

With so much more basketball left to be played, fans are eager to see how this modified season is going to end.

While the world was on hold and sports were gone for months, we are now in a time where we have three at once.

Sports fanatics have been rewarded for their patience and can now sit and enjoy all the high-energy action that is taking place all over the country. Now the world can socially distance and enjoy.

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