IUP has done it again. 

Despite coming off a close but unfortunate loss to the Mercyhurst Lakers, the Hawks were fighting for the second and last time to take down conference rival Slippery Rock University.

Both teams lost prior to meeting at the KCAC and wanted to have bounce-back matchups. 

The winning Crimson Hawks, by that metric, had one heck of a bounce back, pulling away to a 21–3 lead through the first eight minutes and going on to win the game 96–60. 

Once a team rises above more than a 15-point lead and continues to keep scoring, it’s hard to find a way back into the game.

But The Rock never gave up. Regardless that two of the starting five of Slippery Rock came up short by not scoring a single point, there came a fight from other players on the bench. In contrast, their top scorers, Micah Till and Amante Britt, scored 24 and 14 points respectively. 

Though for a team to come away with a win in a game, there needs to be some scoring within the depth of their roster. Considering that and how much the Hawks were able to score against The Rock, it was a recipe for success for one team and warning of disaster for the other.

IUP’s scoring was spread out across the lineup. 

Once again, Malik Miller (senior, communications media) tallied to lead his team in points tallying 10/19 FG, 2/4 3-pointers and 6/6 in FT. 

Armoni Foster (redshirt sophomore, criminal justice) as well had himself an impressive night, but Ethan Porterfield (freshman, kinesiology) clearly felt himself during the game, scoring 19 points, ranked second compared to Foster’s 18 points.

Chucky Humphries (senior, communications media) made his return from a hand injury that kept him out for four games. He scored five points in 21 minutes coming off the bench.  

The Hawks eventually took flight over The Rock after gaining a margin of 30+ points, eventually hitting a lead of 40+ against the seemingly stagnant Slippery Rock team.

The win kept IUP on top of the PSAC West. The Crimson Hawks have the same amount of overall wins as second-place Pitt-Johnstown, but the Mountain Cats have three more losses. IUP also has an extra PSAC win and two fewer conference losses than second place.

IUP is back in action this week with a Wednesday trip to Cal U.

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