IUP women’s lacrosse stayed on the winning side of things as they picked up their sixth consecutive win this weekend.  

The Crimson Hawks powered through Bloomsburg, winning 15-11 Saturday at Miller Stadium.

The Huskies came into Saturday’s game fighting to stay ahead of an IUP team that is surging in the PSAC rankings. After winning six of its first seven games, Bloomsburg started to struggle losing three of its next seven.

The game started slow for IUP as it let up a quick goal 93 seconds into the game. From there, the Crimson Hawk defense came together, but the offense was unable to get moving. After five minutes of neither defense letting up, IUP was finally able to break through.  

Leah Hunter (freshman, special education) tied the game for the Crimson Hawks seven minutes into the game.  However, the offensive pressure did not stop there as Adriana Greco (senior, fashion) scored a goal and took the lead twenty seconds after tying it up.

The remainder of the half had the two teams trading blows.  As soon as Bloomsburg would score, the Crimson Hawks would get the lead back shortly after.  This concluded with IUP making the last shot count before the half, coming off a goal from Shannon Hartigan (junior, pre-vet).  The Crimson Hawks headed into halftime with a 7-6 lead against the Huskies.

Bloomsburg came out of the break to tie things up with a goal less than four minutes into the half. 

However, momentum quickly shifted back in favor of the Crimson Hawks. IUP went on to score four unanswered goals over the course of eight minutes.  This includes back-to-back goals scored by Victoria Kerkovich (sophomore, anthropology). 

For the remainder of the game, Bloomsburg failed to come within two goals of IUP as the Crimson Hawks cruised to the 15-11 victory.

Ally Burrows (senior, biology) led the way for IUP as she scored four goals and picked up four assists.  However, the IUP defense also played a large role in its success as it held a strong Bloomsburg offense to just 11 goals.

“On offense, everyone has become a threat from the starters to the bench,” Kerkovich said. “No one doubts themselves like we were at the beginning of the season, and I think that is a huge factor in our recent success. We just really trust every person on and off the field to do what needs to be done.”  

Kerkovich also understands just how competitive the PSAC can be over the course of the season.

“We’ll always be humble because we know at any point any team could come up and take a playoff spot from us,” she said. “We stay focused because we are so excited for what we have been able to do lately and as a team. 

“We keep our eyes on the future and the next game or practice to come.”

The Crimson Hawks will hit the road Wednesday as they head to Greensburg to take on Seton Hill.

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