The crimson hawks look to kickoff their 2020 season with a bang and win it all with a national title.

He could go all the way. Sixty-three yards to the house are the words we heard for Justice Evans (senior, business management) about two years ago at Frank Cignetti Field.

By now, I am sure we would be hearing plenty more of that and the cannon booming off after each Crimson Hawk touchdown and or score. All hawk nation can do now is predict and speculate what is next for their squad this season.

So, what do people expect from the Crimson Hawks in the next upcoming season? They finished at a 10-2 overall record going 5-1 at home and 5-1 on the road last season: staying consistent while putting a gruesome 44.2 points per game against their opponents.

To gather insight about the IUP football team, a few IUP students were interviewed to see what they had to say about how they think the team will perform next season.

This squad has potential to grab the PSAC West Title in the upcoming season which is not out of the question. The Hawks finished at a 10-2 record last season and played strong defensively, allowing just 17.2 points to their opponents.

Both offense and defense are needed to win games. Last season,Nazir Streater (senior, management) was making big plays in the secondary. Streater was a huge reason why IUP led in points allowed per game last season in the PSAC. He had six interceptions, tied for 16th in the country, and 48 tackles. He lead for interceptions on the team and 48 tackles put him in second on the squad.

If Streater can put these numbers up again for the Hawks, the team will be closer to a PSAC West Title victory.

Offense is vital to have success in football and coaching is the start to that for sure. Quarterbacks are the ignition to the fire for the offense and with Quinton Maxwell having graduated, where does that leave the Crimson Hawks?

Trevor Cratty (senior, communications media) shared his concerns on the QB situation.

“I think this year’s football team is capable to live up to last year’s 10-2 record,” said Cratty. “With losing their number one and two QBs, it’s going to be interesting to see if the offense will be affected by the change or not.”

Cratty makes a very valid point here considering the numbers Maxwell put up as a transfer from Ohio University. He was one of the biggest reasons why the Hawks were able to boast to a 10-2 record last season.

Maxwell threw for 34 touchdowns last season and had a 172.2 efficiency rating that put a spark in this offense. He was the anchor for this offense and example of how good his leadership was on the field. The hawks now have to play even harder without him to have another stellar season.

IUP was expected to have a QB battle over the spring. Javon Davis (redshirt sophomore, math education and accounting) and Akron University transfer Alex Ramart (redshirt sophomore, kinesiology health and sport science) were battling to be QB1 during the season.

With a veteran backfield consisting of Justice Evans (senior, business management) and Malik Anderson (redshirt senior, kinesiology health and sports science) the running attack will be alive and well. In combination with Head Coach Paul Tortorella manning the helm, I think this team can be just as successful.

Joseph Docal (junior, finance) is hopeful for this squad this season.

“I think the Hawks will have around the same record as last year,” said Docal.

“If they had an excellent record last year, they can most definitely do it again. I have confidence,” said Dwayne Bryant (junior, kinesiology health and sports science)

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