Nazir Streater had an interception for a touchdown last year during the New Haven game.

PERSEVERANCE, WORK ETHIC, and RESILIENCE. Many people understand the opportunity created from a game. Nazir Streater (Senior, Management) , IUP Football’s top defensive back, knows this better than anyone.

These values are among a plethora of characteristics displayed through sports. Sports were missed the past five months, not due to a need for entertainment but a desire for hope.

There is no question Streater has the talent on the field. In just 9 games, he finished his junior year with 6 INT’s, 15 PBU’s, and 54 tackles. Streater has already received National Football League (NFL) attention.

Streater was asked about his encounter with an NFL scout, “I talked to the Philadelphia Eagles scout and had a pretty good conversation with him. He told me I gotta keep producing and keep doing well,” said Streater.

This was a huge moment in his career, and he was able to take it all in. “It was mind blowing man, it can actually happen. Everything is working out the way it was meant to work out. Part of God’s plan.”

Streater was planning on making a statement heard round the NFL this fall football season, but due to the current pandemic the PSAC postponed fall competition.

Be that as it may, he has displayed key characteristics and values that prove he will be in the NFL one day.

Streater was asked about how COVID-19 has impacted his NFL chances and how he plans to use this extra time,

“This is more time to work out and get in shape. Time to get bigger, faster and smarter. More stats and more playing time in spring to build my stats and help achieve my goals in the NFL.”

It would be reasonable to think that these circumstances would be seen as an inconvenience to most, but not to Streater.“This is a blessing in disguise, and I feel like it is all going to work out.”

It is clear Streater has the mindset of not only a great athlete, but an even greater person. Without ambition, resilience, and perseverance it would be almost impossible to overcome life’s obstacles.

Streater realizes there is nothing he can do about the pandemic except work his hardest to be where he desires to be when it is all over. This understanding separates him from many other athletes.

He understands it takes two to tango, and he combines his work ethic on and off the field. Streater spoke on his off-field preparation, “Definitely been studying a lot of film. Plenty of time to get your mentality right. Time to get critical. Stay consistent with workouts and gain a few pounds.”

It is not a hot take, IUP has top caliber athletes. Streater is a prime example of these top caliber athletes.

He displays the confidence he earns as well as the humbleness he strives for. This is clear in his statement regarding why an NFL team will take him.

“The competitiveness. Even though I might get beat on a play, I don’t let it get to me. It pushes me to work harder” said Nazir “I am never gonna quit or give up. I am never gonna quit. I’m a fast learner.”

Although Streater is weary about the NFL and NCAA competing amidst this pandemic, he will not stop striving for his goal. Everyone reading this should understand it is not a hot take, it's the stone-cold truth, Nazir Streater NFL bound.

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