Pittsburgh Steelers defenders T.J. Watt (90) Dan McCullers-Sanders (93) and Cameron Heyward (97) attempt to block a missed field goal by Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri Pittsburgh Steelers defenders T.J. Watt (90) Dan McCullers-Sanders (93) and Cameron Heyward (97) attempt to block a missed field goal by Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri

Here we go, Steelers, here we go! *clap clap*

The Pittsburgh Steelers have just won their biggest statement game of the year. 

The 5–2 Indianapolis Colts came into Heinz Field looking for an easy victory. The Colts, who were 14–3 since Week 7 of last season, were on a hot streak coming into the weekend. 

Beating the Chiefs, Texans and Broncos is not an easy task. Indianapolis has a defense that shut down Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. 

The performance Mason Rudolph had last Monday didn’t have Steelers fans too confident in this game. Although, Pittsburgh was on a four-game win streak against the Colts with the average margin of victory at 15.8 points. 

It is safe to say if Big Ben was slinging the pigskin, the game would have been the same old same old. It is also fair to state Rudolph played a very good game. His 26 completions were more than the Steelers’ total rush attempts, which show the faith put into Rudolph as a result of James Conner’s injury. Unfortunately, he threw his only interception on one of his best passes of the game. 

You may have trouble finding it on social media, but don’t worry. You can still find JuJu Smith-Schuster playing “Fortnite.” 

The biggest play of the game came from the defensive side of the ball. I have expressed my praise toward the defense and new acquisitions in last week’s Steelers article. So, if you didn’t sit down, shut up and drink a beer to that article, go do it now. I can wait. 

OK, welcome back. Minkah Fitzpatrick’s 96-yard pick-six was the second longest in franchise history. It was a complete momentum shift and a certified game-changer. 

Instead of going down 17–3, the recently acquired, team-leading pick-machine read Brian Hoyer’s pass and took it to the house. The Steel Curtain also made its presence felt with four sacks, the most that offensive line for the Colts has let up all season. 

Pittsburgh defense ranks fifth in sacks, eighth in yards against and 10th overall. This should be the biggest takeaway from the Steelers season thus far. The play of the defense has been showing on the W-L column. 

The six-time champs have won four out of their last five. The sole loss coming in overtime with the third-string quarterback against the team that just blew out the undefeated Patriots. 

The Steelers are on an impressive streak and  are one fumble away from being on a five-game win streak. Granted, they face off against the reigning NFC champs, but this team of black and gold has shown great teamwork through all the season’s adversity. 

Never count out the City of Champions.

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