The IUP football team has been working vigorously to prepare for their tough 2021 season.

The Crimson Hawk football team has flown back into Miller Stadium to kick off the season with some tough competition on the east side of Pennsylvania.

IUP’s football team will face against the Kutztown Golden Bears at 2 p.m. on Sept. 11 on their home turf at Miller Stadium. Without any football for a while, fans and the Indiana community are looking forward to what kind of competition the Crimson Hawks can bring on opening day.

A new season means new faces for IUP’s roster both on the offensive and defensive side. There are few players that came from different schools and have veteran experience.

“Players like Irvin Charles (senior, unclassified), Connor Kelly (junior, marketing), Malachi Newell (graduate, school of continuing education) and Bryce Gibson (senior, business) are just a few that should have a very first good season with IUP,” Head coach Paul Tortorella said.

This football season is going to look a bit different compared to the previous years.

“There are five playoff teams on our schedule this season which will be very challenging,” Tortorella said.

Later in the season, teams like Mercyhurst, Slippery Rock, Cal-U and at the end of the season, West Chester. A competitive season this year means the Crimson Hawks will have to bring their “A game” to the table.

The Hawks had strong off-season practices and intensive training program they had to follow according to Tortorella.

“We put in a much tougher summer program for our players in regards to strength and training,” Tortorella said. The 2019 season was a solid one. The hawks finished with a record of 10-2. The Crimson Hawks did not end the season with the same winning streak at the start and lost in the first round of the playoffs to Shepherd 31-27 at Miller Stadium.

Going back to their opponents on the 2021 calendar year, Shepherd will be the second game of the season for the Crimson Hawks as well as being a hall of fame game.

A new season always promises returning players, and IUP has a few stars returning to the turf. Some of those players include Josh Dauberman (senior, criminology), Duane Brown (junior, sports administration) and Nazir Streater (senior, business management).

In the offensive game, Brown put some high numbers in 2019. He accounted for more than 900 receiving yards and clocked in 13 touchdowns. Similar, offensive numbers from Brown can put the Hawks back up to where they were in 2019.

The defensive side is just as important as the offensive side. Defensive back Streater strung up 45 tackles and six interceptions.

The combo of Brown and Streater for this season give the football team a chance to have impressive numbers on the board again.

Then there is the whole army in front of the quarterback: the O-line. Dauberman is a two-time all Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) West selection and a force to be reckoned with on the field.

In the anxious wait for the season to start, the Indiana community and fans will be right behind their Crimson Hawks after a long

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