Montrezl Harrell (5) and the Los Angeles Clippers will try to force their will on Draymond Green (23) and the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 to avoid playoff elimination. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Some basketball fans say that the NBA playoffs are too predictable. 

But who cares about those fans? The first round of the 2019 NBA playoffs have been thrilling.

There are still two series that are in full-swing right now.

The first series has been somewhat of a surprise. The Los Angeles Clippers have shocked the nation and the heavy championship favorite Golden State Warriors. 

LA has clipped away at the Warriors, bringing the series to a game six. The Clippers surprisingly took a game one lead against the Warriors. Golden State quickly responded and took an expected 3-1 lead against LA. Wednesday, the Warriors had a chance to put away the Clippers and advance into the playoffs.

LA clearly did not get the memo as they took game five 129-121. The Clippers got contributions from multiple players, as three members of LA scored more than 20 points. The Warriors have been heavy favorites to win the Finals this year; however, it seems that the road to getting there will not be easy. 

Golden State would like to keep their playoff series to a minimum, because they realize playing multiple drawn-out series could adversely affect their championship hopes. 

Meanwhile, the No. 2 seed in the West has had some struggle of their own in these playoffs. The Denver Nuggets really came together this season. Many had them making it as far as the Western Conference Finals.

Sadly, the Nuggets could not have possibly gotten a worse first-round matchup. The San Antonio Spurs came into the playoffs with the seventh best record in the West. Most would be happy with a matchup against a low-ranked seventh seed; however, five-time champion coach Greg Popovich has had plenty of experience in the post-season.

The Spurs, led by Popovich, took an early game one lead against Denver. The series has been a back-and-forth affair between these two teams. Currently, the series sits at a 3-2 lead held by the Nuggets. The series has been too tight to tell who is going to come away. 

Denver has one of the best centers in the league in Jokic and a solid guard tandem of Jamaal Murray and Gary Harris. Adversely, San Antonio has built their teams through superior scouting and player development. 

San Antonio’s success has come from a bevy of players. Derrick White has been a major contributor. White was a Division II prospect that the Spurs have groomed into a solid starting guard. 

Two teams with two totally different approaches to gathering talent. One extremely entertaining series.

One thing is certain, these NBA playoffs have been special so far.

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