Wentz is continually under pressure from defenses so far this season.

Tuning into a primetime game has begun back-up and that means the NFL is back in full swing. Week 3 has already flew by, and some teams are off to a great start, others not so much. The Philadelphia Eagles are a top team in the league, the NFC Conference, and of course the lack-luster NFC East.

Unfortunately for the 2018 Super Bowl champs, they have yet to find a win. Philadelphia has played three opponents so far and one divisional game as most teams start with in week 1. The Eagles had played the Washington Football Team in week 1, the Los Angeles Rams week 2 and had a matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals week 3.

In the past few seasons, the Eagles have not gotten off to a very consistent start but have managed to make the playoffs and do damage since they did win the Superbowl back in the 2017-18 season.

There is usually always a reason on why teams are off to a slow start right? The biggest problem with the Eagles right now is a weaker defense and the ability to capitalize on important opportunities.

Problems start in the beginning and for Philadelphia, that was the Washington Football Team. The Eagles lost 27-17 in that game. Scores do not tell everything, especially on how the game went. The birds were up 17-0 at one point in the game.

On the offensive side, Dallas Goedert had a good game with 101 yards and a touchdown. DeSean Jackson had a few good plays as well. Carson Wentz looked pretty good early on but then started to slip in the second half.

The problem was the defense at the end and the sloppy play of Wentz. He threw two interceptions, got sacked eight times and there was a lost fumble.

In week one the Eagles could not stand their ground on defense in the second half at all. The pass protection was very weak for Wentz, which is why the Football Team were able to storm back.

Wentz’s play is something that is a concern for many NFL fans. Back in the early goings of their 2018 Super Bowl run, Wentz was a front-runner for league MVP until his leg injury.

“The Eagles have been poor this season because Carson Wentz is an average QB, in my opinion. He is paid like he is an elite,” Charles Hawn (junior, nursing) said. “The poor QB play is why I think they are one of the worst teams in the league so far.”

After returning from his injury, Wentz has not been the same. Since entering the league, Wentz has thrown more interceptions than any quarterback in the timeframe.

The week 2 opponent for the birds was the LA Rams. The Rams are a solid team on both sides of the ball. It showed against the green in week two.

The Rams won 37-19 in the game. They were up 21-9 at one point in the second quarter, but the birds marched back and made it a seven-point game.

It was hard for the bird to stop the passing game of Jared Goff as he threw for three touchdowns and had a 20/27 passing completion. That to me is a stellar performance as he also almost had 300 yards.

The Eagles had a chance in this game as they had the momentum for a while at the end of the second quarter, and were down 24-19 going into the 4th quarter. Why couldn’t the birds rally back in this game?

It might have something to do that Wentz threw another two interceptions in this game. This has seemed to almost become a trend for him.

It is simple; when you are inconsistent and turn the ball over a lot, you will not win a whole lot of games.

The defense played well in this game considering that they had to go up against Goff and Sean McVay’s creative play calling. A big downfall in this game was two more interceptions thrown by Wentz. Going back to the Washington game, Wentz was scrambling around, and yet again, the pass protection was not all there. 

You cannot blame it in all on the pass protection because in the end, Wentz is the one making the decisions with the ball. They are just too late sometimes and far too inconsistent.

Going on to week 3 where the Eagles hosted the Cincinnati Bengals, Wentz threw another two interceptions. That puts Wentz at six so far this season. He is leading all NFL QBs in the first three weeks for interceptions.

Now, there are a few other QBs with multiple interceptions thrown, but we are talking about Wentz. We know he could be a solid quarterback. We saw that in his MVP-candidate season.

Did the turnovers and the lack of consistency hurt the white and green? Of course.

You will not win any games period with consistent turnovers and the inability to hold down leads. This game was the closest as far as score is concerned.

The game needed overtime, and the game still ended by the score of 23-23.

At least the Eagles did not lose, but they did not win either, which is still just as bad. Wentz had a great drive and scored a touchdown to get the birds a shot to win the game.

When I mentioned being inconsistent and not doing the right things at the right times hurt, they do. Jake Elliot had a chance to end the game in a victory for the Eagles with a 59-yard field goal in overtime.

Matt Pryor on the offensive line had a false start and ruined Philly’s chances of winning the game. Jake Elliot had one more chance at a 64-yard field goal, but Pederson decided to send out the punt team.

“We were going to go for the game-winner with the kick, felt comfortable with Jake, had the wind,” Pederson said in his postgame press conference. “The false start backed us up, so we just said ‘Hey, let us just let’s just punt the football here.’ We didn’t want to give them the ball toward midfield, or even a chance to go for it on fourth down and long, an incomplete pass, something like that."

Philly will have a chance to prove themselves in the big stage on Sunday Night Football this week. They will be taking on a depleted San Francisco team potentially without Jimmy Garoppolo. If they can’t get the job done there, I have serious questions about this team’s future.

If the Eagles cared enough to at least try to win the game, they would have. Now the Eagles sit at an 0-2-1 record because of turnovers, inconsistent play, lack of defense and questionable pass protection at times. Hopefully, the Eagles can get things started but time keeps on moving, and they have a date with the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday night.

Carson Wentz and Pederson will be able to showcase what they are made of against this depleted 49ers squad.

In a weak NFC East Division, every game counts for this team. The division has a combined record of 2-9-1 in the first three weeks of the season.

If they can’t get it done against an depleted San Francisco squad, Eagles fans may be in for a long season.

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