Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson (10) is congratulated by QB Carson Wentz

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Believe it or not, Week 1 for the NFL is already in the books. 

Sometimes bold predictions are made a little too promising at times, and that’s exactly what happened for Carson Wentz and Philadelphia. 

No one expected Case Kennum and the Washington squad to play like they did Sunday afternoon. They wasted no time putting points up on the board. It was all Washington in the first half, where they put up 20. 

Keenum threw some great passes down the field, including one to Terry McLaurin, who had a good game for Washington, putting up a touchdown and 125 receiving yards. 

Kennum targeted tight end Vernon Davis a few times in the first half, and Davis also had a nice touchdown score, which had him leaping over a player to have a clear path to the endzone. 

Wentz could not get anything going for the birds until the end of the first half, when Wentz threw a 51-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson. This made the score 17–7 Washington. Philly was thrilled to see the returning Jackson with a touchdown in his first game back. 

Washington then added a field goal to make it 20–7 at the half. 

The tides turned, and it was all Philly in the second half. The Eagles got the ball at the beginning of the second half, and that’s where it went south for Keenum and his team. The Eagles converted on a fourth down and kept the drive going, ending up in the endzone when Wentz found Alshon Jefferey, which then made it 20–14 Washington. 

Jackson was found deep again, and Wentz hit him right on target for his second touchdown of the game, which gave the birds the lead. Philly would score again and would also get a two-point conversion. Washington did score one more time before the Eagles would move on with a 32–27 win for their home opener. 

Though the birds had a great comeback against their rivals in the second half, they can’t rely on that every game. Week 2 in the NFL is here, and the Eagles have a Sunday-night showdown with the Atlanta Falcons. 

It’s usually a shootout with these two teams. Sometimes it came down to a touchdown or a field goal in the past. Last time in Philly, it came down to a touchdown. 

There are a couple different things that you have to look at here. The last meeting was in Philadelphia, and this time it’s in Atlanta. We all know how hard it can be for the opponent on the road to come in and play in an indoor stadium. So really, it’s up to who gets the good start this game. 

Both teams trailed in their past games, even though Philly came back. Atlanta had it even worse as they trailed 28–0 against the Vikings at one point. They did end up putting 12 points up before the game was over. 

In the end, it’s very important who gets off to a better start because whoever does will have more of the momentum. 

Both teams have pros and cons, and they will click at certain points of the game. Wentz should look to run the ball a little more this game to open up the passing game. I think the Falcons’ secondary is better than the Eagles’, especially in the corners. 

With that being said, the Eagles’ run game must come more alive than it did against Washington. Playing better in the run game will allow Wentz to find Jackson down the field or look to hit his top-ranked tight end Zach Ertz. 

Of course, we have to watch out for Julio Jones as one as Matt Ryan’s top targets as one of the best wide receivers in the game. 

It will be a close one for sure; it just comes down to who makes the first mistake.

 I am predicting that the Eagles will get their second win of the season by a score of 24–21.

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