Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) passes the ball to Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert

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The Philadelphia Eagles just put pressure on the Dallas Cowboys, as both teams are tied at 3–2 following Philadelphia’s 31–6 blowout victory against the New York Jets on Sunday.

 Yes, it’s still early on, but a win is a win in this league, and any team will take it no matter how hard or easy it was. 

The hopeless Jets walked into Lincoln Financial Field hoping for their first win of the season, but almost everybody pretty much knew that was not going to happen. 

Carson Wentz and the Eagles scored 14 points in the first quarter, which was their season high in the first quarter. This was also the first time they have not let an opponent score on their first drive, let alone shutting them out for an entire half like the Eagles defense accomplished in this game. 

The funny thing was that Wentz did not put up crazy numbers and really has yet to have an explosive game. He played a lot better, I thought, against Green Bay than New York. I think sometimes the Eagles play down to their opponents from time to time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the Eagles defense played great against the Jets, considering they only allowed one touchdown later in the game. Not to mention the Eagles’ defense put up points yet again. 

It was a 7–0 Eagles lead, and the Jets were going for it on fourth and one. What happened next? Nathan Gerry of the Eagles read that play to a tee and picked off Jets third-string quarterback Luke Falk for a pick six. This was pretty much the turning point of the game, and the statement the Eagles made was that the Jets had no chance in this game. 

It seems for the Eagles that in a lot of their games early on, the defense has saved them a lot and being able to put them in chances to win more games. 

I think so far throughout this season, it’s been even with the offense and defense doing their parts. It just usually happens at different times when they shine. 

The problem with that is the Eagles will be facing some tough opponents during the next several games coming up and will have to find a way to start being consistent on both offense and defense if they want any chance against these tough teams. I think if they play like they did against Green Bay and New York on defense, they will give themselves a chance night in and night out. 

When I mentioned earlier in my article that the pick six for the Eagles was the turnover in the game, it sure was. 

The Eagles kept putting up points on offense and headed into Monday’s practice with a 31–6 victory against the Jets and would get to focus on another possible win against the Vikings coming up Sunday. Wentz may have only thrown for 17/29 and fewer than 200 yards, but still made some great decisions as far as when to give Jordan Howard the ball or to throw one to Zach Ertz or any other of his great receivers. 

It’s a huge one this week for the Philadelphia Eagles as they will travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings, who are also 3–2. It should be interesting because both teams have had games where they could have won and let them slip away, especially considering the talent both teams have,

I personally think that the Eagles will pull off a victory in Minnesota as long as they put up points first and play a great defensive game.

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