Jalen Hurts replaced Carson Wentz in the game against the Packers.

Sixteen wins is the magic number so far in the entire NFC East division.

It has been nothing but a disappointment to watch this season. Injuries, coaching and so on have been the main reason for that poor play. The Philadelphia Eagles are not flying to the road to victory at all this season, and that showed greatly in the standings but not so much in the scores of the games.

The birds sit a 3-7-1 record and are third in the division right behind the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants. So, it’s anybody’s division right now.

The Eagles have had a lot of closer games than people think this season. They have not gotten blown out by a big margin in any of the games, but Carson Wentz has not been performing, and that is the problem is this season.

Wentz threw plenty of interceptions, got knocked down more than usual and really just has not found his groove this season, but is there a certain reason why?

For one, the injury bug, like many teams, have killed the birds. Wentz has had good players to throw to like Travis Fulgham and Dallas Goedert, but no so much of Zach Ertz due to injury.

Yet again, problems come on both sides of the ball. Philadelphia is ranked 14th in the league with tackles which shows they are showing up. They have allowed 307 points, which isn’t the worst, yet can definitely be improved.

The Eagles have allowed an average of 25. 6 points per game which puts them close to the middle ranked at 19th. This is also not terrible, but they only allowed 21.8 points a game in 2019.

So at this point, the Eagles offense and defense are just not on the same page every game, which is why their record is the way it is. They have the talent in each category for the most part and is a team that should be able to compete on any given night.

I am sure Doug Pederson and the rest of the coaching staff have many things to say about it as well as reporters. With the birds playing from behind, playing well in the second half will only get them so far.

"We're going to have to execute,” Wentz said. “I say it every week and it kind of sounds cliché and we say it over and over, but we've got to execute better. We've got to come out and play faster early in games and try and strike early and change the momentum a little bit.”

He at least acknowledges that they have to come out faster and stronger earlier on because in today’s day and age, you will barely win when playing catch up the whole time.

"Sometimes the other team comes out and plays something different than what we're expecting and we've got to make adjustments early,” Wentz said. “That's part of football. We have to come out confident and really execute our assignments better. It's been a big point of emphasis for us."

That’s sports in general. You do not know how your opponent is going to respond every time, but you have to be prepared for it.

Wentz, in my opinion, plays the game a little more relaxed as far as when he comes out of the pocket. He has looked rushed and panicked most of the time, and you cannot be that way in today’s game if you want success to happen.

The birds have to be prepared to play up to their opponent’s standards if they want any success. That all starts with the man behind the ship, Coach Pederson.

It could be the form of the play calling, as Pederson acknowledged that "everything is on the table" and that the Eagles' "collaborative" process to put together a game plan is a smooth one, but the results just haven't been there.

Pederson has allowed for, in recent games, play calling duties to be shared, if only a little. If the Eagles get off to a better start earlier in the game, I think their game plan would work out better.

So, with the offense, defense and injury bug, the Eagles need to execute their game plan right in the beginning of the game. That is the problem. Every team has problems, even if it is small with offense and/or defense, but not every team has a problem starting off early with their game plan as a lot of teams have higher records this season to prove that.

For Philadelphia fans, this season has been bad, but so has the entire division. So playing better earlier on will make the birds back on the top of the NFC East next season.

For now, there are still games left, and the Eagles have to focus on those and work on getting better each game for a better season next year and hope to have a better start to each of their games.

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