There’s no shortage of talent throughout the league, but all the teams shoot for one common goal, and that’s to be crowned champion. 

Each week, clubs are facing off to help push themselves in getting better odds toward the end of the season. 

There can be crowned only one, but until then, they’ll shoot for first of their respective divisions. 

The Atlantic Division leader, the Boston Bruins (34–11–12) recently went on an impressive win streak but was snapped by the Detroit Red Wings, who are managing to find wins while they attempt to build themselves into looking like what they were a decade ago. 

After their back-to-back games versus the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Bruins found themselves on a six-game tirade. Boston had the talent to keep its lead comfortable. 

Even though he may not be leading the NHL in points, David Pastrnak follows close behind the dynamic duo for the Edmonton Oilers.

 Tuukka Rask is currently placed in first place in goals against average. To add to the recent success, Zdeno Chara marked his 1,500th game played in the NHL. When Chara was honored at an away game in Montreal, he was greeted with applauses and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Chara was selected to be the Bruins’ captain in 2006, and he’s been one of 27 captains through the league. The Blues also set to honor their captain within the same week, but it wasn’t for the current captain.

The St. Louis Blues decided to retire former captain’s No. 44, Chris Pronger. Pronger played 598 regular season games and tallied 356 points. Though he may not have been with the Blues for such a long time as Chara with the Bruins, Pronger still was one of two captains to win a Hart Trophy on the St. Louis team, the other being Brett Hull.

Then, a Blues player was honored prior to his game against the Winnipeg Jets. Alexander Steen was born and raised in Winnipeg, and his father played for that team during his hay day. His son is the 13th Swede to reach a milestone of 1000 points. The Blues continue to wreak havoc after their post season success. They continue to look ahead as the season comes to and end but try to keep the success. 

The Vancouver Canucks have not been performing well within their division compared to the Bruins or the Blues. The Canucks are on a four-game losing streak. They were going through a nine-game winning streak at home, but that was eventually snapped by the Calgary Flames.

The Canucks were without Tanner Pearson and Elias Pettersson for a short time. They made for a quick recovery, though, as the team begins to change and come together.

Brock Boeser is said to miss the next two games due to an upper body injury, but the Canucks have gotten lucky with such a short time span on their recent injuries

Reigning tall in the Metro, the Washington Capitals continue to sit in first of this division. But their inconsistent playing could begin to cause problems. 

Of the Caps’ current home stand, they are 1–2, being able to defeat only the LA Kings. They were first beaten Super Bowl Sunday in an intense rivalry matchup against Pittsburgh, who just traded for Jason Zucker in an attempt to catch Washington, and then took on the Kings. But Washington didn’t have such a good game against Philadelphia in their last meeting.

The Flyers went into the game against the Capitals after being shutout by the New Jersey Devils, 5–0. They were looking to have a better matchup against another division rival. 

Despite both teams scoring each in the first period, the Flyers came into the next guns a-blazing. Through the last 40 minutes of play following the tie game after the first, the Flyers would go on to score six more goals, three in each following period. The Caps would on go on to score a mere two goals compared to the Flyers’ touchdown and extra point.

Washington’s next game is Monday against another division rival, the New York Islanders. Though they aren’t currently in playoff contention, that makes the Isles that much more dangerous when it comes to divisional game.

So, the fight pushes on, one day after another.

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