Due to the 2020 Thanksgiving Day debacle, Pittsburgh’s game against Baltimore had to be postponed.

So, I strapped into the hot seat and watched every game with my foolproof approach of all things right, no things wrong, hot take analysis. If you’ve been reading along with my past articles, it is clear I think the Pittsburgh Steelers sit at the top of the NFL, not only by the record. Pittsburgh appears to be the most complete team.

However, the defending champion, Kansas City Chiefs, made a statement on Sunday.

The Chiefs laid a beat down on the “Tompa Bay Gronkaneers.” The only number that did not depict the beating was the final score, 27-24. Which for bettors was a heartbreaker as the Chiefs line was at -3.5 before the game.

A stat that did represent the lopsided gameplay was recorded in the first quarter of play. Tyreek Hill had 203 yards and two touchdowns. If a team's third best offensive weapon is starting a game like that, the opponent has no chance of winning.

For the last 20 years, the NFL has been accustomed to a Tom Brady comeback. At 43 years of age and an abysmal offensive line, Brady looks like a Cleveland Browns quarterback; good for half a season and never starting again.

Give credit where credit’s due, the Chiefs’ defense came to play. Chris Jones was out to eat Brady for lunch and Tyrann Mathieu also proved his superstar status with one interception, one pass deflection and five tackles for loss.

The Chiefs have an explosive defense but time after time step up in big games. The last thing the AFC needs is for them to get hot.

As for their offense, well, they're going to be a problem no matter the time of year. Tyreek Hill started with 203 yards and two touchdowns, but he ended with 269 yards and three touchdowns.

Seven total players recorded a reception, including the likes of Travis Kelce, Le’Veon Bell, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Sammy Watkins, Demarcus Robinson, Mecole Hardman and Deon Yelder.

After their performance Sunday, I am taking back my claim that Pittsburgh has the best wide outs in the game. The Chiefs' weapons are unparalleled.

Their biggest weapon, Patrick Mahomes, is the atomic bomb of weapons. The man is a gifted QB with the best offensive-minded coach and best offensive position players. Kansas City are a match made in heaven.

They have only lost a total of eight games with Mahomes as QB. In every broadcast of a Chiefs game, the announcers inform the audience of at least two records/milestones Mahomes has recorded that game.

Like any other NFL team, the Chiefs have a few weaknesses. Their offensive line is one of them. Mahomes is a magician, and his best trick is bailing out his O-line. His ability to throw on the run or turn a loss of yards into a 20 plus yard rushing touchdown is unmatched.

Flashback to last year's Super Bowl when San Francisco had eight QB hits, four sacks and two interceptions. They set themselves up to win the football game until Kyle “fourth quarter shenanigans” Shanahan blew the lead.

My point being that they are beatable, especially by a team that has an immaculate defensive line. A perfect match-up for the Steelers. The Steelers are bringing back their historic Steel Curtain style of football and dominating games in the trenches.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Chiefs have game-breaker Kelce. He is crucial for the run game, pass game and locker room compatibility.

Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin is going to have to prove himself a great coach during their match-up against the Chiefs. Yes, I am claiming with unwavering confidence that the Steelers will play the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. Not only will they face off in January, but the winner will also go on the claim the Lombardi Trophy.

The better coach and QB duo always win. This time around, it’ll be up-and-coming superstar Patrick Mahomes versus the grizzled veteran Big Ben Roethlisberger.

A coach who finally reached the mountain top after 21 years, Andy Reid, versus a coach who has never had a losing season, Tomlin. Although there is plenty of football to be played, this will be the AFC Championship.

Normally, the Steelers are known for letting teams hang around and their inability to close out. Ironically, they have been closing out games and the Chiefs are letting opponents hang around.

They have outscored their opponents in the fourth quarter only three times this season compared to the Steelers who have a plus 43-point differential in the fourth quarter.

On top of regular football preparations and gameplay, the Steelers have had to face COVID-19 adversity. The Tennessee Titans screwed the Steelers out of a Week 8 bye, and now Baltimore is purposely delaying their biggest game of the season. With or without Baltimore’s starting line-up, they are going to lose.

The Steelers don’t need to go undefeated; they just need to beat the Chiefs. Maybe it's in early predictions, but it's the right one. Sit down, shut up and put your money on it.

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