Boxing fans are witnessing something special in the heavyweight division. 

It is competitive for the first time since the ‘90s. 

The ‘90s was arguably the best decade for boxing in the heavyweights. This was mainly due to Mike Tyson going to prison. When that happened, the titles were all up for grabs. Back then, there were three governing bodies instead of the four currently. 

Now is the time to get into boxing. The division is at a point where everyone will fight and the sponsors are starting to let these fights happen. 

Take, for instance, the fight happening Feb. 22. It will be the rematch of Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury. This fight was up in the air not because they didn’t want it to happen, but because Wilder is signed under Fox and Fury with ESPN. I will preview this fight in the coming weeks. 

So why is it a resurgence of the division? This is the first time in a long time that there isn’t one guy that could be considered the best. There could be an argument of three, maybe four, fighters for the best in the world. 

First up is Wilder, who currently has 42 wins – 41 by knockout and one draw. The draw came in the controversial fight with Fury. He also holds the World Boxing Council (WBC) championship. 

There is a reason he is called the “Bronze Bomber.” He has the deadliest right hand in the world. Wilder won’t try to win rounds, but would rather set his opponent up and catch them with the overhead right. 

The second and third come from across the pond. First is the International Boxing Federation (IBF), International Boxing Organization (IBO) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) campion Anthony Joshua. He has 23 wins, 21 by knockout, and one loss. 

Some thought it could have been the downfall or end after losing to Andy Ruiz. Joshua lost the three belts in a seventh round knockout. That did not change anything after. 

They had the rematch Dec. 7,  and Joshua won his belts back by unanimous decision. His next big fight I will get to in a little bit. 

The final person in the group of three is Tyson Fury. The story behind him is sensational, but it isn’t about the story right now but the fighter. He is the Lineal Heavyweight Champion. The belt represents the man who beat the man. The title cannot be striped or taken away; it could only be lost in the ring. 

Fury has a record of 29 wins – 20 by knockout and one draw. The draw was stated above. He will have to be at his best Feb. 22. 

With these three fighters and many of the up-and-coming ones, this could be a golden generation of heavyweight boxing. Three of the biggest men at the top of their game in the best division, and it could only improve. 

The winner of the Wilder and Fury fight should fight Joshua. All of them want to show they are the best, but in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. 

If the fight does better than people expect then there will be no problem in setting up another super fight. That fight could also unify the heavyweight belts, which has not happened since 1999 when Lennox Lewis had the IBF, WBA and WBC. It has not happened in the current era. 

The boxing world has been ready and waiting for this kind of scenario. Enjoy the spectacle and don’t take it for granted. 


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