The speaker series for student-athletes continued this week with a talk from IUP alumnus, Dave Reed.

In an effort to continue programming for student-athletes and help them grow outside of competition, IUP athletics ran their second week of their five-part speaker series.

Each week of the speaker series focuses on a different aspect of growth for student-athletes. This week focused on the urge to vote and encouraging students to be involved in politics.

Reed is a former state representative and majority house leader. With voting registration coming to a close in Pennsylvania and the election being a week away, Reed focused on encouraging students to play an active role in the democratic process.

He in no way influenced the students on who to vote for, but instead showed them the importance of voting as a whole. In order to do this, he explained what both parties stand for, how to register to vote and where and how voting takes place. Reed challenged students to not just be focused students and athletes, but to also be active citizens.

“The athletes were very engaged to the speaker, and we got a lot of great feedback from our student-athletes on the topic, ”Athletic Director Todd Garzarelli said, “It was very good knowledge, not just about the presidential election, but also local politics and how people can get involved and make a difference. Reed indicated that most decisions in politics that effect people in their everyday life are made and the local level.”

Looking ahead to next week, author and motivational speaker John Gordon will be promoting leadership in the locker room.

“We are excited to have someone of John’s caliber talk with our student-athletes, coaches and staff about topics such as leadership, culture and winning in the locker room first,” Garzarelli said. “John has worked with many different fortune 500 companies and several professional teams/college athletic departments over the years. This is a great addition to the speaker series and show the commitment we have as an athletic department to continue provide our student-athletes with a great experience during the pandemic.”

IUP athletics is covering all of the bases for student-athletes as they continue to help them grow both on and off the field.

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