1. Editor-in-Chief, Chris Hayes

Graduation symbolizes both an ending and a beginning to me. As Donald Glover once said, endings are important because they are necessary for growth and evolution. While I will certainly miss IUP and all it has to offer, I also look forward to starting a career back in Pittsburgh and seeing where it takes me. I’d like to thank everyone with whom I’ve worked with at The Penn these past three years for making this the best part of my college experience. But for now, I plan on enjoying graduation and taking some much-needed relaxation time for a few weeks.

2. Managing Editor, Alexandria Mansfield

I’ve been thinking about coming to college since I was 8 years old. I’ve been looking forward to graduation since my first day on campus. I pictured how I would decorate my cap – which I did not do – what my 4.0 GPA would mean to future employers – which I did not earn – and how the job market would personally be seeking me out as a potential journalist because I would have proved my capabilities so well – which also didn’t happen. Three years ago, all of these plans “going wrong” would have induced a panic like no other in my perfectly detailed life, but now I feel strangely calm and incredibly excited about what this big, mysterious future holds. No matter what I end up doing, I know I am always going to work hard for whatever the next goal I set is, and the rest will just follow. If nothing else, I’m happy college taught me to roll with the punches way more than I ever would have before.

3. Copy Editor, Nathan Zisk

Graduation is that awkward point in a college student’s life when students realize, “Oh wow. I need to get my life together.” It might be stressful, yes, and those graduating might be crying on the inside and the outside – but fear not! Soon those same graduating seniors will be at a dead-end job, hating their lives, just like they did in college. Not everything changes.

4. News Editor, Katie Mest

Graduation is a new beginning. To us underclassmen, it is a finish line. But to graduating seniors, it is only the start of following a dream or advancing in a career. It is sad for senior friends to leave, but it is cool to know they are one step closer to their career goals.

5. Culture Editor, Seth Woolcock

As a sophomore, graudatuation is a distant mark for the end of my college career. It also marks the departure of some of my best friends. Since arriving at IUP, I have been blessed to have been taken under the wings of a few upperclassmen. While I am excited for them to be starting the beginning of their careers, it’ll be a little lonelier and little quieter at IUP without them. Good luck, everyone. I’ll miss you.

6. Sports Editor, Sean Fritz

I am stressing out a little bit about graduating. I don’t officially recieve my degree until August because I have to complete an internship this summer, which is also stressing me out. Aside from that, I have been trying to reflect on all the great people I met and the great times I’ve had in my four years at IUP. I’m looking forward to this next chapter of my life.

7. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

There are stones, and then there are stepping stones. College is just one of those stepping stones. You get over it, and then you are like, “Oh, wow, I’m on the next stepping stone!”

8. Graphic Designer, Michael Hull

Graduation for me is a bittersweet moment in my life. As a visual artist, I have to pack up all my things from the studio, a second home where I spent many hours making art and goofing around with studiomates. Despite my sadness over leaving, I’m very excited to continue my life as an emerging artist.

9. Digital Media Editor, Katie Williams

This year, graduation is going to hit me hard. I’m losing a lot of friends to the real world, and I am not happy about it. I’m more upset about the fact I’ll have to find new friends – which isn’t easy – than anything else. But, I wish all graduates the best, and my friends should expect surprise visits from me a lot over the rest of their lives.

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