Ariana Grande has had her fair share of media mentions in the past two years with the bombing at her concert in Manchester in 2017, her engagement with Pete Davidson and her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s death. Now she is seeming to make the most of her situation with the release of her newest song, “thank u, next.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a whirlwind relationship that had a rocky ending. 

Davidson joked about the called-off engagement, pretending to propose to musician Maggie Rogers in a promo for “Saturday Night Live” Tuesday. 

Grande has since deleted a tweet she originally posted about the video, saying “for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it,” and “thank u, next.”

She is right that Davidson uses his personal life to inappropriately make jokes and is using their break up to stay in the limelight even though he claims to hate attention. He has also received criticism on social media for making jokes about inappropriate things during their relationship. 

Yes, comedy can be a tough industry, but when it is taking a toll on personal relationships, is it really worth it? He continuously pushed the boundaries of their relationship and events that occurred in her life, such as Grande’s break up with rapper Mac Miller. 

Davidson has also received hate comments and was made fun of when paparazzi shot photos of him looking upset after the break up while Grande went on a shopping spree. 

While his comments were insensitive, he is still a person and has his own feelings. They should each be respected as they deal with the split in their own ways. 

Grande has not publicly discussed the break up, but just a released a new song titled “thank u, next” about the split. The song follows the tweet with the same phrase she sent criticizing the SNL cast member for joking about their engagement in the promo. 

The song was released 30 minutes before Saturday’s episode of SNL aired. 

This was a way to get people talking about her and take away any attention Davidson would get from the episode. She was smart, and she deserves the praise for the song. 

Grande’s song mentions all of her exes even though the song is named after a tweet about Davidson.

“Thought I’d end up with Sean

But he wasn’t a match.

Wrote some songs about Ricky,

Now I listen and laugh.

Even almost got married,

And for Pete, I’m so thankful.

Wish I could say, ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm,

‘Cause he was an angel”

The final two lines about Miller are especially heart-wrenching since his passing. The rest of the song is about Grande taking time for herself. 

She needs this time. She went from Miller to Davidson quickly and has faced traumatic events like the shooting at her Manchester concert that she has not had sufficient time to heal from. 

Davidson cracked a semi-joke about the breakup during Saturday’s SNL episode, saying that he started paying attention to the midterm elections “after I had to move back in with my mom,” referring to leaving the New York penthouse that he shared with Grande. 

The split was sad, but not a surprise considering the ups and downs they had in front of the world. 

Relationships have their difficulties without others’ opinions, and it is intensified when it is in front of millions of followers. People should be lifting and supporting both as they go through this tough time.

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