Editors shared mixed emotions for Halloween.

1. Editor-in-Chief, Steven Langdon Jr.

Personally, I never was too keen on Halloween. I never liked dressing up and never thought of it as a holiday. It is more of a day to sit in complete darkness inside the house to avoid people trick-or-treating.


2. Managing Editor, Jake Slebodnick

Like all major holidays, I only see Halloween as one that lost its original meaning. Instead of having authentic, celtic culture behind it, its now a cesspool of people being obsessed about getting wasted at a frat while wearing the most scandalous clothing or going to “haunted” houses where actors do a mediocre job at scaring people. Thanksgiving is still the best holiday, in my opinion.


 3. News Editor, Heather Bair

I didn’t really celebrate Halloween growing up and thought it was a holiday with a lot of negativity surrounding it. As I got older, I loved the myths and stories surrounding Halloween. The history and legends seem to come to life in the month of October, making them all the more interesting.


4. Culture Editor, Kate Pompa

What I like most about Halloween is seeing how excited and proud people are to show off their costumes. It reminds me of when I was a kid because I loved to dress up as something else. It was kind of like I was living as my childhood icon for the day, and not to mention all the free candy.


5. Sports Editor, Jeff Hart

For me, Halloween is a day that holds special memories of trick-or-treating. As an adult, it is really just a day that I buy candy with my fiance that is on sale. I do enjoy the holiday, but not as much as when I was a child.


6. Copy Editor, Alexis Loya

As a choco-holic, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. Whereas others are centered around spending quality time with family and friends, Halloween can be spent doing whatever you want, and it’s never the same. Whether it’s going crazy, dressing up, getting spooky or watching horror movies - it’s up to you to decide. It’s the only holiday with creative freedom (and candy, of course.)


7. Graphic Designer, Teddy Jeannette

Halloween’s pretty cool. I’ll take any excuse to dress up, eat candy and watch scary movies.


8. Video Editor, Sean Seaman

I’m a big fan of Halloween. What I like most about it are the scary stories and horror films that come along with the holiday. I also think it’s a fun part of the year that allows people to be creative and allow people to embrace and celebrate their fears.


9. Photo Editor, Autumn Dorsey

Forget Halloween, bring on Thanksgiving and


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