1. editor-in-chief, Seth Woolcock

To stop putting so much on my shoulders and put more trust into others.

2. managing editor, Katie Mest

Incorporate a workout regimen into my daily schedule to help with stress reduction and maintain healthy habits.

3. NEWS editor, Jess Truby

Balance my work and personal life better and stop procrastinating so I’m not doing all my work at the last minute.

4. culture editor, Steven Langdon Jr.

Get through the semester.

5. sports editor, Elliot Hicks

I don’t particularly believe in New Year’s resolutions; the calendar changes, but how much does everything else?

6. Graphic Designer, Teddy Jeannette

To stay on top of things and not stress myself out.

7. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

Try not to die.

8. Audio Editor, Kyle Scott

To branch out more and try new things

9. Digital Media editor, Katie Williams

I don’t do New Year’s resoultions because I’m obviously already perfect.

10. Digital Media Editor, Lily Whorl

To stop drinking so much La Croix.

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