1. editor-in-chief, Seth Woolcock

Even though it is fairly the most anticipated weekend at IUP all year, the more years that go by, the less exciting it really seems to be. Maybe it’s the over-hyped expectations, wrapped together with just another hip-hop concert, you get the 2018 IUP homecoming.

2. managing editor, Katie Mest

I have two exams, a giant paper, three work meetings and three long nights of work this week, and I don’t feel like seeing a bunch of kids drinking and carrying on while I’m miserable

3. COPY editor, Samantha Kahle

I’m headed home to Clarion this weekend to stuff my face with junk food from vendors at the Autumn Leaf Festival, which to me will be exponentially more enjoyable than dealing with other people’s drunken shenanigans. 

4. NEWS editor, Jess Truby

I don’t look forward to it because all of the rowdy partiers make me want to never leave my house. It’s interesting going to get something to eat and seeing a bunch of people drunk in the middle of the day.

5. culture editor, Steven Langdon Jr.

I will be at Miller Stadium for color commentary of the IUP against Slippery Rock football game live at 2 p.m. on iupathlectics.com.

6. sports editor, Elliot Hicks

Nothing will change for me. Too much playoff baseball to watch.

7. Graphic Designer, Samantha Schaefer

The homecoming here at IUP is overrated. It will be just like any other weekend with the addition of a few more people wandering around campus. I am pretty sure I will be spending most of my time in my art studios trying to beat deadlines. 

8. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

I honestly plan on having a pretty boring weekend. Not a lot happened during last year’s homecoming, so I don’t plan on going out of my way to find somewhere to go out. 

9. Assistant Photo Editor, Mike Corona

I won’t be able to do anything here because I have to travel four hours for a high school friend’s wedding. 

10. Audio Editor, Kyle Scott

Homecoming didn’t change anything for me in high school, and it certainly won’t change anything for me in college. I’m going to be watching Netflix and sleeping. I prefer binge watching to binge drinking. 

11. Audio editor, Nate Miller

I’m 23 and washed up. Five years at IUP will do that to you.

12. Digital Media editor, Katie Williams

I’d rather take a nap and drink a full bottle of wine or six with a couple close friends. And yes, those friends are tequila and vodka, thanks for asking. 

13. Digital Media Editor, Lily Whorl

I’ll be in Austin, Texas at a Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference because I’m a nerd, but like, a cool nerd. 

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