1. editor-in-chief, Seth Woolcock

I’ll be rejoining the Tom’s Pizza crew as a server and continuing to work with the MARTI institute. I will also be taking a winter documentary photography course. In my spare time, I will be working on ways to improve The Penn for our readers and followers, so don’t forget to check out The Penn in 2019. We will have a lot in store for y’all.

2. managing editor, Katie Mest

I’ll be working the same seasonal job I’ve had since senior year of high school and continue working for my professor, all while taking a winter class. It’s OK, though, because I turn 21 in a little more than a week, so wine will also factor into the equation.

3. COPY editor, Alex Hoy

Work ‘til my eyes fall out.

4. NEWS editor, Jess Truby

I’m going to leave the comfort of my bed as little as possible. I will spend time with my family, especially my dog and eat all of the food humanly possible. I will be patiently waiting and working until it’s time to come back.

5. culture editor, Steven Langdon Jr.

Over winter break, I plan to relax and recharge from the semester. I also plan on seeing my friends from high school and visiting my family members. Most importantly, I plan on spending time with my younger brother.

6. sports editor, Elliot Hicks

I’ll be spending Christmas in Arizona with lots of family. I’m sure it will be just as warm there as the holidays have been in Pennsylvania the last few years.

7. Graphic Designer, Samantha Schaefer

New Years in Costa Rica, then work work work ‘cause I’ll be broke broke broke.

8. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

Trying to not spend money so I don’t have to work.

9. Audio Editor, Kyle Scott

Working as little as possible and then wondering why I have no money.

10. Audio editor, Nate Miller

Delivering pizza so I can afford to deliver myself away from Indiana forever, and work- ing on the greatest album ever created. Yeah, I said it.

11. Digital Media editor, Katie Williams

I’m catching up on sleep.

12. Digital Media Editor, Lily Whorl

With friends causing a ruckus in Johnstown and visiting my sister in Orlando agaisnt her will.

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