Serena Williams stood up against discrimination when she faced fines for arguing with a chair umpire in the U.S Open finals Saturday. 

Serena Williams is no longer a contender to win the U.S. Open, but she is not going down without a fight. 

She is fighting another battle against discrimination. She has faced critics in the past because of her race and her body shape, but this time she is fighting for women’s rights. 

Williams was fined for three game code violations in the final Sept. 8, costing her a total of $17,000.

Two of these three fines are less likely to be received by a man. Williams was given a $10,000 one for “verbal abuse” when she argued with the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos. 

In a Sept. 8 tweet, former tennis player James Blake said that he has done worse and not been penalized. He had also been warned before the violation was issued and thinks that Williams should have also been given a warning. 

Other male players have spoken out about their times when they had made worse comments and did not receive any penalty or fine. 

Sexism is not new in the game of tennis. Earlier in the U.S. Open, Alize Cornet of France returned to the court from a heat break and had her shirt on backwards. She took off her shirt to put it on the correct way and was given a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

According to the United States Tennis Association, this is not a violation, and all players are allowed to change their shirts. 

The sexism in sports is prevalent on every level. In high schools, female sports are receiving less funding than male sports. 

What message is that sending to young girls? This shows them that their interests are less important. 

This transfers into collegiate level sports, where the male-dominated sports overpower the female sports. 

Women deserve the same treatment from the authority figure in the sport as men do. 

Women like Williams are role models for young female athletes everywhere. 

Often times women are discriminated against and no one bats an eye. Williams is speaking out about her experience and how she was not treated fairly when if a man had done the same actions and used the same words, they would not be dealt the same punishment. 

There wouldn’t be the same controversy after the game if she just silently paid her fines and not speak out about her unfair treatment. Williams is paving the way for the female athletes to come, so they do not have to fight for their fair treatment in sports. 

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