Amanda Mason and Zack McWilliams, of Newport, N.C., walked through waist-deep water Sunday afternoon to take a look at their flooded home off of Nine Foot Road.

Get ready, because it is officially the worst season: hurricane season. 

September is usually a great time for weather. The summer humidity turns into relaxing 70-degree temperatures. Families are having that final cookout before it becomes too cold to cook on the grill. 

For many areas of the world, though, September is the most dangerous month of the year. 

People all over the world deal with harsh weather at some point throughout the year. The summer produces droughts and devastating thunderstorms. Tornados affect the middle and Eastern parts of the U.S. Wildfires destroy the West Coast.

Asian countries like India and Bangladesh have monsoons. Monsoons are heavy rains that occur for several days at a time around July and August. These rains cause heavy flooding for low-laying areas.

Droughts occur in warm areas. Africa and California are most affected by this.   

When September starts though, Mother Nature is at its most destructive time. Hurricanes have started up, and it is just the beginning. 

This past week, Hurricane Florence ripped through the Carolinas, bringing floods throughout many areas. The damage has been immense, and the death toll will only grow, as people did not heed the warnings to evacuate. 

Last year Hurricane Harvey and Irma hit the southern part of the country. They also occurred during September. 

Not only are there hurricanes to deal with, but there was also Typhoon Mangkhut. Mangkhut tore through China and the Philippines. 

The heavy rains caused a landslide in the Philippines Monday. 

So why is September the worst month for weather? Simply because of the many storms that can occur during that time. 

People deal with the start of hurricane and typhoon season. These storms could cause flooding, which also damages many cities and towns. It is still warm enough to cause tornados in areas such as Kansas and Nebraska. And wildfires are still affecting the dry areas of California.  

For hurricanes, September has had four out of the 10 strongest storms, according to Out of the four on the list, three make up spots two through four. 

No. 7 on the list, Hurricane Katrina, occurred on August 28, 2005, just three days before the start of the most dreaded season.

As far as tornados go, on average there are 1,224 tornados per year, according to Out of that number, 66 tornados occur during September. Texas and Florida have the highest averages during that time.        

Wildfires continue to burn throughout the U.S. and have spread into Wyoming. So far more than 7 million acres have burned since the start of the year. 

The only good thing to this season is that it shows the humanity in people who rush to the aid of those who need it. 

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