Fantasy football group messages blew up Friday after TMZ released a video of Kansas City running back Kareem Hunt getting into a physical altercation with a woman back in February.

The Chiefs reported later in the day that they were releasing Hunt.

The video, which did not include any audio, showed Hunt and the woman screaming at each other with a few other people attempting to hold them apart. Hunt pushed the woman, and she hit him across the face. The video goes on to show pushing and shoving of everyone involved, and eventually the woman ends up on theoor, only to be kicked over by Hunt.

It’s a scandal, but it’s nothing new.

Ray Rice. LeSean McCoy. Ray McDonald.

Do you want us to continue? Because we can.

Domestic violence is most likely the rstthing that would come to your mind if you heard an NFL player was arrested.

According to ESPN, many team owners are upset at the lack of involvement the league had in the investigation of theassault when it rst happened. Hunt

told EPSN in an exclusive interview with Lisa Salters Sunday that the NFL never questioned him.

Have we really normalized assaults involving NFL players just because they’re

rich and tackle people for a living? The NFL in a statement Sunday said

it “continues to pursue a complete understanding of the facts” and its investigation would “include further attempts to speak to the complainants involved.”

Hunt has shown remorse for his actions and publicly apologized.

The 23-year-old led the NFL in rushing with 1,327 yards last season as a rookieand was fth in rushing this season with824 yards. With the Chiefs being the No. 1 seed in the AFC and having a 9-2 record,

Hunt’s is a heart-breaking story to hear from all aspects.

What many professional athletes seem to forget is that once they sign their contracts, all eyes are on them.They are now public gures, and it istheir responsibility to cool themselves off whenever their emotions start to get the better of them. One small move can cost them their career and their millions.

Now, not only have they destroyed their personal lives, but they have also obliterated their professional careers. Once a domestic abuse scandal hits the

media, that player becomes a public relations liability that no organization wants to have to deal with.

Many news organizations are saying what everyone has known all along: winning is greater than every other factor. Hunt was accused of a second assault this past summer.

All the hard work to play in college, all the time and effort marketing themselves to potential NFL teams, is wasted on a heated moment and can never be taken back.

Instead of being known as an exceptional running back, Hunt will fall into the category of just another has-been football player who screwed up his life because of aggressions that should havebeen left on the eld.

As for the NFL, the league is digging itself into a hole in which it allows some players to come back after physically assaulting another human being but dismisses a player who makes a political statement by kneeling.

The Hunt case is embarrassing for the sport as a whole, and the NFL must do better moving forward.

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