Spring break

IUP students need to survive only one more week before they can enjoy a week-long spring break. 


 As the week before spring break hits IUP, professors and students prepare for midterm exams. 

At this point, students generally know how they’re doing in their courses. They’ve already taken the first exam of the semester and know how to better prepare for the following tests and quizzes. 

And after spring break comes crunch time. 

Craziness ensues as seniors blindly try to find their way to May commencement. 

Some students struggle to squeeze by with the minimum grades necessary in tough courses. Others find difficulty in just managing their time while juggling classes, work and extracurricular activities. 

College isn’t easy. No one ever claimed it was. And it’s easy to forget that higher education is a place that pushes the boundaries of what you thought you could do. 

So, as the year eases into mid-spring semester, The Penn staff would like to remind each student that you’re not alone, and if you continue to push through the difficulties, you will be rewarded in the long run – most of the time. 

Spring break provides students with a chance to step away from their responsibilities, regain some confidence and recuperate strength. 

Whether it’s a beach getaway with the pals or sitting at home with the parents, be sure to spend time for yourself. 

Mental health is a precious thing to care for, especially during times of high stress and anxiety. 

IUP provides services for students to talk to counselors and get advice and information on how to handle challenges and better grasp life. 

After break, if you’re still concerned about grades, see your professors. 

They are more willing to bump up grades at the end of the semester if they see a student is putting in above-average effort to try to understand the material. 

Visit tutoring sessions, form study groups and do the extra problems in the book. 

The semester isn’t over yet. We’re just about to get a break, and then it’s time to pull through and accomplish your goals for the year. 

Mother Nature blessed Indiana with a few days of sunshine last week. Although the snow fell again last night, warmer weather is coming soon, and that’s something to which we can all look forward. 

Until then, don’t let the dreary days dampen your mood and affect how you perform in the classroom. Remember that you’re here to learn – and you’re paying thousands of dollars to attend this university. 

Make the most of it. 

And if it’s not your day or week or month or year, know that we all feel that. 

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