NFL fans are coming off one of the most disappointing Super Bowls of all time. People may look on the television on Sundays and wish it was September again, but don’t fret, sports fans, this is the best time of the year.

Football will not have as long of a break as in recent years as the new Alliance of American Football League (AFF) starts Saturday on CBS. The league will feature eight teams and consist of 10 weeks.

Besides the new league, there are other sports. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) are getting closer to playoffs.

Starting with the NBA, the trade deadline just passed and provided a few surprises. Anthony Davis is going to stay in New Orleans much to the chagrin of fans of both the Pelicans and Lakers. LeBron will not get his wish to add the superstar this season, and the Lakers will remain a mid-caliber playoff team.

Other things happening in the NBA include All-Star Weekend starting on Feb. 15. Fans will be treated to watching their favorite celebrities and players compete against each other. The dunk contest is the main event many will be watching, espe- cially after a disappointing last few years.

Moving onto the NHL where things are starting to heat up closer to playoff season. Like every season in recent time, the Metropolitan Division is one you can’t predict. The biggest surprise this season has been the New York Islanders. They lost

their best player, John Tavares, but theyhave been able to overcome dif cultiesand currently lead the Capitals and Pen- guins in the division.

In the West, the battle will be for the last wild card spot. The Vancouver Canucks have a spot and have 54 points. The fun part for fans is that the Kings, the worst team in the West, are only six points out of the spot. An enticing last couple of months are ahead for hockey fans.

Another professional sport is right

around the corner to the start of the season. Baseball approaches the start of spring training with games beginning Feb. 21.

This year will contain many well-named football players who were invited to their respective team’s roster. Although they were invited it does not mean they will play with the Major League team.

To start off is current NFL player Russell Wilson, who will play with the New York Yankees. Wilson has said that he will play in spring training but will return to the Seattle Seahawks at the end.

From one current player to one former player, we have Tim Tebow. Tebow current- ly has a contract with the New York Mets and has been climbing the organization for the past three years. It is widely expected that he will play ball in AAA Syracuse, which is one step below the majors.

Finally, the last player to watch is top NFL prospect Kyler Murray. The ninth overall pick in last year’s MLB draft has made a name for himself on the gridiron by winning the Heisman Trophy this past season. Reports state he is leaning toward baseball, but with the realistic possibility ofhim getting drafted in the rst round of theNFL draft, nothing is known for sure.

The main event coming up on the calendar is March Madness. You may be saying, “wait, that isn’t until next month.” Oh, contraire.

March Madness starts right now with conference tournaments approaching. Who will be in, and who will be out? The excitement will build soon enough.

All in all, if your friend tells you that sports is dead without football, quickly tell them they are completely wrong. Welcome to sports season.

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