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Dear IUP Students,

Welcome to another academic year. Whether you are new to IUP or are returning, your pursuit of knowledge continues. IUP affords you with the opportunity to explore your passion, examine topics and ideas of interest to you; you will challenge yourself and certainly your faculty will challenge you to learn and grow. You will stretch yourself (or you should) in ways that leave you breathless and exhiliarated!

Campus life, what you experience outside of the classroom, is full of possibilities and you should take advantage of as many as you can (while still remaining focused on your academic studies). IUP students, like their counterparts in other colleges and universities, have a far better rate of success when they are engaged in the classroom, appropriately preparing for each class and participating in class discussions and are engaged in life outside the classroom. We have championship athletes and teams for you to follow, club and intramural sports for you to participate, over 299 clubs and organizations to join and many activities all designed for you.

As you begin the fall semester, choose to find your own success at IUP, and:

Stay informed – the Academic Success Center at IUP (asc@iup) supports your achievement as you pursue your academic goals. IUP has compiled a readily accessible web-based index of the university’s policies and student behavior expectations. Review it – key words to use in the IUP search engine are, “Success, A-Z Student Policies.”

Take care of yourself and others – It’s the “IUP Way.” Be a good bystander. Get involved in the “Green Dot” campaign, which is designed to help individuals learn how to safely offer help to others in need. Make a difference – together we can maintain a safer campus community.

Become involved and remain engaged – Log on to CrimsonConnect to find out about university events and IUP’s recognized student organizations. You might be surprised at the number and diversity of opportunities you have to get involved at IUP and in the Indiana Community. Involvement can be as easy as stepping outside your room and walking with someone to the SGA meeting or a STATIC event (if you don’t know what those acronyms mean, ask your Community Assistant or go to the Center for Multicultural Student Leadership & Engagement (MSCLE) and ask them … but do get involved.

Strive for success! I look forward to sharing an inspired and productive year together.


Best wishes,

Dr. Charles J. Fey, 

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs


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