On Feb. 4, The Penn published an article about an ongoing investigation into hazing by a fraternity on campus, and since then, we have updated parts of the article. 

Students join The Penn to learn to report on real stories that impact the Indiana community. We take what we learn and practice in classes and apply those lessons to the stories that end up in our issues each week. And we take what we do seriously. Because we are a student-run publication, however, we inevitably make a few mistakes along the way.  

In the Feb. 4 story, we wrongly attributed information that was reported, and we regret the error. 

Phi Kappa Psi members had an incident in 2017 that involved fraternity members and football team members. The information referenced in The Penn article was reported by IUP journalism students for The HawkEye, an Indiana community-journalism project. It should have been clear in the article that the reporting was done by HawkEye reporters. 

The result was a product of inexperience and an honest mistake. We do not want to discredit the work done The HawkEye.

In addition, the Feb. 4 article mentioned information about the 2017 incident that after further review we felt was not necessary to include in the article about the current hazing incident. That information has been taken down.

As an editorial staff, we have looked long and hard over the article from the reporting to the editing. We have taken this as a learning opportunity to better serve readers in the future. 


By The Penn Staff

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