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Keeping Indiana and IUP clean will make everyone have a better end-of-semester experience.


 With temperatures this weekend projected to reach the ’70s for the first time since February, the IUP and Indiana communities can expect the possibility of a busy weekend. 

Along with any nice-weather weekend at IUP comes a large amount of day drinking – “dartying” or “daging,” as students like to call it. Many classes will be half-filled Friday, and many students will be out doing “just what college students do.”

And with this partying comes copious amounts of litter thrown into the community. Beer cans, cigarette cartons and fast-food waste are often thrown into the yards and parking areas of Indiana locals or college students’ rental houses. 

It is this type of reckless, irresponsible behavior that often gives IUP and IUP-related events, such a homecoming weekend, a bad reputation.

It takes only a few seconds to find a garbage can while on campus. And, off-campus party-throwers can take a little bit of time to set up a responsible waste disposal method, like putting a trash can out. Partygoers should still be responsible enough in their drunken days to care about and protect the environment in which they live and find good recipticles for waste.

Something as simple as properly disposing of garbage could be a huge step in solving the dreadful townie-student tension. 

Indiana locals would also like to enjoy their weekend, but when they wake up to a yard full of litter and a bush filled with beer cans, tempers can quickly flare.

Most college students like to party and drink, there is no disputing or stopping it. But, maybe if we, as students, just showed a little more respect to the place that we all call home for at least part of the year, we could all benefit from more respectful relationships with each other.

In less than a month, most students will be on their way home, leaving locals and university staff to clean up their messes. Contrary to some students’ beliefs, time still moves forward in Indiana, even when school is not in session. 

But, until then, students can do their part to keep Indiana peaceful and clean.

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