“Everything happens for a reason.”

That’s what your friends and family tell you after you get denied from your dream intern- ship or job.

They’re probably right.
But you don’t think so.
You spent more than ve hours carefully

crafting your cover letter, perfecting your resume and gathering your clips tailor-made to your desired company.

All this work was just to receive a chainemail saying that you weren’t good enough to even get an interview.


What hurts worse is the reality that someshmuck from a larger Pennsylvania school will probably get the internship or job, eventhough he or she

is less quali ed and less capablefor the positionthan you, an amazing and ac-complished IUPstudent.

You’ve done
everything you
thought you
could’ve: campus
jobs that led to
leadership posi-
tions, research
work, real-world
experience, dean’s list and awards. And still,
not even an interview.

The saddest thing of all, though? You’re notalone.

Though many, many IUP students have gone on to do amazing things, such as Ben Macadoo, former head coach of the New York Giants; Ed Bouchette Hall-of-Fame Steelers beat writer; and, oh yeah, Chad Hurley, the inventor of YouTube, IUP students are still get-ting overlooked for job opportunities because we “went to a state school” and not a well- known college like Pitt or Penn State.

Some might believe the only reason we went to a state school was because we didn’t have the grades in high school or SAT scores needed to get into a “better school,” so we settled for a life of partying and mediocrity at

a school like IUP. But that’s not often not the case.

For starters, state schools are the way to go nancially if you don’t come from wealthy par- ents who are willing to pay your way throughcollege. These universities are designed to provide an “affordable” education.

In addition to the nancial exibility IUP gives students, it also gives students the op-portunity to choose a major from a large list of academic programs. This is especially helpful to those students who come into college undeclared.

Want to study student affairs in highereducation? Want to major in Latin American studies? Or maybe you want to be the next Gordon Ramsey and study the culinary arts?

IUP allows all ofthese opportu- nities.

less of why we
chose to enroll at IUP, we wereall still aware
of the issue we
now, or soon will, face. IUPand other stateschool students will typically
be overlookedat rst when

applying for an internship or job because we don’t have the same brand name college on our resume as other applicants.

And even though you may be like us andjust want to give up after getting rejected time and time again, don’t.

Try not to let those companies who judge you based on a piece of paper get you down.Add them to the list of people who didn’tbelieve in you, and keep them on your mail-ing list for when you eventually accomplish everything you dreamed about when you rst received that letter of acceptance to IUP.

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