Supreme Court Associate Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh attended Sept. 5 his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The country’s high-tension political landscape and its ever-growing #MeToo movement have rapidly collided over the past few days, as the nominee for Anthony Kennedy’s open Supreme Court slot, Brett Kavanaugh, was accused of sexual assault against Christine Blasey Ford, a professor who says Kavanaugh tried to assault her while the two were in high school. 

Kavanaugh and many of his supporters have vehemently denied the allegations, but the vote on whether to confirm Kavanaugh was officially cancelled and Ford has requested that the FBI investigate the allegations. 

In what had already been looking like a strong midterm election for Democrats upcoming in November, this situation could potentially be a fatal blow for Republicans if the investigation and its effects continue to linger on to Election Day. 

This case strikes many similarities to allegations brought upon Clarence Thomas in the early ‘90s, in which accuser Anita Hill was grilled in hearings by senators, and lawmakers decided to hold steadfast by political party rather than acknowledge facts. 

While Republicans have once again tried to sweep the Kavanaugh issue under the rug, just like with Thomas, today’s political landscape and the media would likely not allow that to happen.

Regardless of the political effects, which may even result in an open Supreme Court seat for years into the future, it’s a very inspiring thing to see more and more women coming out in an attempt to truly achieve justice against their attackers. 

While in many cases the alleged incidents took place years in the past, the current movement has been able to inspire so many women to finally realize that it’s time for men to be held accountable for their actions, something men have been able to get away with much easier in the past – and likely still do in many cases.

Shockingly, President Trump, who has had various allegations brought against him as well, has agreed that these allegations deserve due process and should be investigated as much as possible. 

While many of the other #MeToo cases have been against celebrities, with Kavanaugh being just steps away from the most powerful court in the country, it was undoubtedly the correct decision to cancel the vote. No matter what happens in the investigation of the allegations, there absolutely should not be anyone coming this close to a position of power, especially within the government, who is under any investigation of this magnitude.

Maybe that should be true for other positions in the political world as well.

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