Gov. Tom Wolf has been the epicenter of blame throughout Pennsylvania during the pandemic.

While COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainties and interruptions to our daily lives during the past few months, one thing that’s widely noticed across the nation is the amount of blame people push on governmental figures.

Pennsylvania residents have shown their frustrations towards Gov. Tom Wolf after his decisions led to the demise of small businesses around the state and plenty of double standards within his “recommendations.” One of them being the recommendation to cancel the fall season for PIAA athletics, for health concerns, but allowing a car show in Carlisle to occur at the peak of the pandemic.

Other examples are New York residents expressing their distaste for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s initial reaction that allowed a surge of positive cases within the state from March to May.

Others have gone as far as to blame President Trump for the outbreak in his lack of preparation for a nationwide disaster.

So, the real question remains: Who is REALLY at fault for this pandemic?

The answer: everyone.

Let’s clear the air for the first topic by saying the way state and federal leaders have handled this has been a torrential dumpster fire. Then every step that follows acts as attempting to put out the fire with a can of gasoline. 

The president showed signs of apathy from the beginning by saying how it was all taken care of, the U.S. won’t be as affected as some other places and by infamously saying that fewer testing will yield fewer results.

He also allowed governor’s complete control of their states to handle things how they want.

Gov. Wolf became the thorn in everyone’s side after he shut down businesses and operations around the state for the opening months of the pandemic, hoping it would lead to a flattening of the COVID-19 curve.

I think we all can agree he has yet to prove his worth in the state.

This would turn into “we can’t open back up until there is a vaccine,” causing for turmoil among his residents. Sprinkle the atrocity of his work with the PLCB banning drinking at bars, but not when there’s a piping hot plate of food sitting in front of you.

But they aren’t the only ones contributing to the standstill the U.S. is in.

Remember when masks were first mandated in businesses and restaurants? I can’t tell you the amount of people who I see in businesses that are not wearing masks because they believe it’s a form of government control.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t for masks when things started to get hairy, but I learned quickly that we wear them for the elderly couple sitting at table five of the local diner. Or the child, that you didn’t know just recovered from a disease that’s compromised his/her immunity, that passes you in Walmart.

Sure, it’s easy to point fingers and blame others when times get stressful, but we seriously need to understand that we, both as leaders and citizens, all play a part in this.

Wear your mask, continue to sanitize and let’s work together to end this pandemic. 

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