The Indiana Borough police are expected to be in full force during IUP homecoming weekend.

Preface: We respect all police officers. This article focuses on the paranoia of the Indiana area rather than the police themselves.


In the past few years, one thing has become certain: students walk on eggshells during homecoming weekend due to heavy police presence. 

Understandably, the Pennsylvania State Police enforce a zero-tolerance policy for the weekend in an attempt to prevent any chaotic events from ensuing, but have they taken things too far? 

In recent years, we’ve seen multiple types of police officers ranging from IUP and Indiana police to PSP mounted units and even Ohio state troopers. Additionally, we’ve seen police choppers roaming the skies during the weekend, scoping out parties in the area to alert local authorities where the “hot-target” spots are.

 It’s beginning to feel more like a militant environment rather than a place where students can celebrate. Students fear that with the amount of police presence, no one can have fun, and spend the weekend worrying about what will result in a citation or even an arrest.

And this may just be a few of us asking, but hasn’t anyone else wondered why IUP is losing its credibility as one of the best party schools in the area? If you don’t know, here’s why. 

The police presence hinders any students from other local colleges to come celebrate with their friends, as a punishment for them is more detrimental since they aren’t enrolled at IUP.

While it is reasonable to take precautionary measures for such a populated area, it’s becoming a bit silly to do a complete overhaul on security. But again, we live in America where either we fear to the fullest, or pass it off as nothing.

But continuing on, the mounted units are absolutely unnecessary. 

How would you make arrests? Will you call in other units? Have them sit behind you where they could fall off if they’re cuffed? No.

Secondly, all the horses do is sh*t mountain-sized piles constantly throughout campus, and those piles will sit there until Indiana experiences a monsoon and washes it away.

All the mounted units do is act as a bait trap for intoxicated people to try and pet the horses, which results in the number of arrests going up.

Next, why in the world do we need to call in Ohio troopers for this? We are a small university in a small town in Pennsylvania that is experiencing a decline in enrollment. We are unable to destroy this town even if we tried. 

If we fall that low in the level of confidence for area authorities, something is definitely wrong.

Finally, why do we need choppers to scope out parties? Has no one ever seen parties in Indiana? THEY’RE LOUDER THAN ANYTHING.

There is no need to waste taxpayer dollars for heavy artillery just to do something that anyone can do on the ground or in a police cruiser.

Also, parties can be… now hear me out on this… HELD INDOORS.

How can you see these parties from a chopper if they’re held inside a house?

Again, grounded troopers would be more of an advantage for this.

All we can say is have legal fun and stay safe this weekend. And when we say have fun, make it limited to avoid run-ins with authorities.

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