1. Editor-in-Chief, Chris Hayes

This spring break will consist of me sitting on my couch and trying to find jobs for after graduation. Luckily, a highlight of the break will be going up to Hershey with some other members of The Penn staff and receiving a couple Keystone Awards we won.

2. Managing Editor, Alexandria Mansfield

This spring break is actually going to be the busiest one I’ve ever had. I have a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding dress fitting and job interview within five days of each other. Very relaxing, as you can tell. I’m hoping I have a little bit of time to finish reading the same book I’ve been reading since December...or at least making it further than page 140.

3. Copy Editor, Nathan Zisk

Spring break is great. I have a lot of plans that may seem just normal to some, but I have three jobs, school, an organization to run and I freelance write. So to me, it is going to be heavenly. 

I plan to catch up on school work as well as freelance writing. I will also see my dog, Toby. He’s an idiot, but I love him. And I might do some caving in Kentucky and Tennessee if I have the time. I enjoy hanging in Nashville, Tenn., so I hope I have the time. All-in-all, spring break should be just what I need. 

4. News Editor, Katie Mest

I’ll be cuddling with my dog mostly. She’s the love of my life, and being four hours away from her is awful. 

Besides that, I’ll catch up on some work (translation: take lots of naps). Hopefully, I’ll do well on my internship interview also. 

5. Culture Editor, Seth Woolcock

Spring break means no classes and no work for a whole week. I’ll be taking the time to de-stress, decompress and prepare for the second half of the semester. Hopefully the weather breaks and allows me to hit some trails and parks before returning back to class.

6. Sports Editor, Sean Fritz

Spring break is the time to either relax or travel somewhere to enjoy a vacation. For me, I’ll be relaxing from a busy and hectic first half of the semester. I need to get some things together back home and relax for a week before coming back. I’m looking forward to it.

7. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

This spring break will consist of me going out with some high school friends I haven’t seen in a while and playing some “Siege.” It has been a long semester up until this point, so I am looking forward to having a week to just unwind. 

8. Graphic Designer, Michael Hull

I’ll be spending my spring break in Germany, France and Netherlands. I plan on eating pretzels, baguettes and brownies. 

9. Digital Media Editor, Katie Williams

I’m going to find the fluffiest couch that I can and “take a nap” that won’t end until spring break is over. And I’ll probably still be tired.

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