Declawing cats may save your furniture and mental state, it can drive your feline companion up the wall.

Did you know in 2011 that 55 percent of American households thought it was OK to declaw their household pet? 

In many countries across the world this veterinary practice is actually illegal for being inhumane. I think the U.S. should be the next country to ban declawing for all the reasons below.  

This practice is called onychectomy- and it means the cutting of bones that claws grow out of with a scalpel or laser. 

To put this in better perspective, imagine cutting off the first knuckle on every finger, and trying to go back to a normal lifestyle in the amount of time we expect our cat back from the vet’s office. 

In some instances, including infection and tumors should it be the only ethical option. 

To a cat, these should be the only criteria for undergoing such a traumatizing procedure. 

It’s sad to realize that most people are mutilating their cats to avoid damages to their furniture. 

When the real solution to get your cat to stop scratching furniture is to buy scratching posts and to continually encourage good scratching behavior for your cat. 

This will keep you happy, and your cat happy. It’s also encouraged to see if inappropriate scratching is an indicator or some other underlying condition. 

It’s very important to note and understand that when you declaw your cat, you are also taking away from their ability to protect themselves if they were ever to get out. A common response to that is, ‘my cat is an indoor only cat’ well my answer to that is, cats are typically sneaky little jerks and if they can run outside, they will. 

Because, cats will continue to be the little independent divas they are. 

Declawed cats have other related health problems such as aggression, depression, and certain anxieties. 

Sometimes the procedures aren’t done correctly, which leaves your feline friend walking on bone fragments for the rest of its life. 

Did you know that declawing actually causes a cat to have to adapt to a new walking style? 

Think of your toes as a human, even though you think they don’t do much they actually bare some of their body weight and help evenly distribute it. 

It’s sadly the same case for a cat. 

Declawed cats also have a greater risk for being relinquished back to shelters, and possibly euthanized. 

They gain behavioral problems such as refusing to use the litter box, and aggression related issues. 

In my opinion, if you choose to declaw your cat over reasons as superficial as damage to furniture or getting a cat scratch you should never own a cat. 

This should not be called declawing, it should be referred to it as what it actually is, first knuckle amputation. 

If that doesn’t send a wave of disgust over your body then I don’t know if you should ever care for a feline. 

Please let this article be a reminder to never amputate your cats lil’ murder mittens. 

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