halloween illustration

1. Editor-In-Chief, Seth Woolcock

Best: Peter Parker (this year)

Worst: A surgeon

2. Managing Editor, Katie Mest

Best: Hannah Montana. I got to wear a wig and pretend I was a pop star.

Worst: A unicorn. Some stupid man asked me if I was cow, and I cried.

3. Copy Editor, Samantha Kahle

Worst: Rosalie from Twilight. My mom wouldn’t let me get a wig, so she spray painted my hair white. Everyone thought I was an old lady. I think I stopped doing Halloween after that.

4. News Editor, Jess Truby

Best: A lion. My big, curly hair looked like a mane.

5. Culture Editor, Steven Langdon Jr.

Best: Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Worst: Attempting to get candy at Hershey Park during their Halloween season saying I was dressed up as a student.

6. Sports Editor, Elliot Hicks

Best: Burger King mascot. Accurate mask and all.

7. Graphic Designer, Samantha Schaefer

Best: Captain and coke. I was the Captain.

8. Photo Editor, James Neuhausel

Best: Hawaiian Hitman

9. Audio Editor, Kyle Scott

Best: The Invisible Man. 

10. Audio Editor, Nate Miller

Best: Joker

Worst: Harry Potter

11. Digital Media Editor, Katie Williams

Neon, the periodic element, complete with all the periodic table information and glow sticks taped everywhere. I’ve disputed with many people whether it is my best or worst costume.

12. Digital Media Editor, Lily Whorl

Best: Hulk Hogan, Dwight Schrute or Beetlejuice

Worst: Basic ass vampire

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