Kaitlin Bennett

Kaitlin Bennett is best known for her Twitter posts in which she poses with guns or interviews Trump protestors.

Anyone with a Twitter has heard of Gun Girl. 

The Kent State University grad, Kaitlin Bennett, made a name for herself when she posted her graduation pictures on Twitter, featuring her AR-10 rifle and a decorated graduation cap saying “Come and take it.”

She has been under scrutiny ever since. Republicans and pro-gun activists praise her, and liberals hate her.

The 23-year-old was the president of Kent State’s Turning Point USA chapter until an incident in which members protested safe spaces by wearing diapers. This forced her resignation.

She then became a part of Liberty Hangout, a “libertarian media outlet and alternative news source” that seeks to promote “Austrian economics and property rights.” 

Since then she surfaces on Twitter timelines because of her excessive posting with her guns and newest catch phrase, “You know I carry, right?”

Quote tweet after quote tweet pops up mocking her and her ideals. 

Some Twitter users have responded to tweets with advice telling other users not to keep giving her a platform to spew her hate. By retweeting her or quote tweeting her, this allows her to respond and only adds gas to the fire. 

One user suggested screenshotting the tweet and adding your own comments instead of giving her impressions.

No matter what side you stand on, the scenario raises an interesting dilemma in this age of social media. Everything anyone does is for clicks. 

Refusing to address the individual no longer gives them a platform to stand on and will ultimately shut them down once they see no one is listening to what they say. 

Other users have said they’ve started to block Bennett so she can’t appear on their timelines anymore. 

On any social media platform, you will in encounter people whose beliefs don’t align with your own. When those beliefs are extreme, it sometimes seems as though that’s the only thing on your timeline. 

You ultimately control your attitude surrounding these topics. 

If you don’t agree with someone, and even the thought of a Twitter fight gets your blood boiling, the best thing to do it block the person immediately, or just scroll past their posts. 

It’s definitely a lot easier said than done. We want to stand up for our beliefs and speak out against what we believe to be wrongdoings. We want to educate those who might not have the same wealth of knowledge we have. 

So if you get enraged by Gun Girl the way some of our staff members do, the best thing you can do is work with others to take away her audience. At this point, she has already attracted her group of supporters. The only thing you can do now is ensure her following doesn’t grow by making sure she doesn’t end up on anyone else’s timeline.

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