Students showed outraged over the closing of Folger Dining Hall.

Two fan-favorite dining options are closed this semester: Folger Dining Hall and Hey Pickle, a popular sandwich joint. Students are outraged on social media, and we are, too. The dining facility changes came with no real warning to students who had already bought meal plans. 

Students were not informed until right before returning to school that the dining hall would not be open, and while there is still North Dining Hall, the variety food and location of Folger was preferred by many students. Students who live in Stephenson Hall, who had just a short walk to Folger, now must walk across campus to have a sit-down meal at a dining hall. It is tragic that Folger Dining Hall was taken away after only a few years of being open. Soon, it will just become another Foster Dining Hall. 

Hey Pickle was a place to create your own sandwich, and every sandwich came with the option of a side of pickle, chips or pretzels. This was a great option for students on the go. Sandwiches are easier to eat on the go compared to the pasta or salad options that are also in the Hadley Union Building (HUB.) 

Hey Pickle also seemed to have a lot of traffic and students flocking to it during meal times. There are other campus food locations that obviously had less traffic, so we just wonder how Hey Pickle was chosen to get the boot. There is no explanation why this location was chosen, and if students were more informed of IUP Dining decisions, there would be less backlash. 

These options add to the list of places that are longer there for students to spend meal swipes instead of Flex. Einstein Bros. Bagels is now accepting only Flex and Crimson Cash and not meal swipes. The more places that are taken away from using meal swipes, the less students will be inclined to purchase them. Why buy a meal plan when you could just add some Flex money if the dining hall is not your main source of food? 

With enrollment rates down, the unpopular major changes will not help students encourage others to attend the university. While dining options are not the only influence for a university, it is something for students to consider. When a new batch of students come in who had never had the experience of the Folger Dining Hall or Hey Pickle, there will not be a problem with students missing the locations. But until that new group comes, IUP Dining is going to have a group of angry students upset about their dining options.

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