NFL announced that wide receiver Antonio Brown is under investigation for sexual assault against his former trainer.

Over the last few seasons, one thing has become apparent in professional sports: athletes are becoming way too spoiled with their massive contracts. But instead of disciplining said athletes, for some reason, teams seem to be rewarding bad behavior with contracts that carry handsome financial incentives.

The most recent example of this would be Antonio Brown in the NFL.

All summer Brown, while with the Oakland Raiders, made issues regarding his helmet, childishly refusing to practice or even partake in team exercises unless he was permitted to use his own style helmet, which didn’t meet league safety protocol.

The Raiders made the rational decision to cut Brown prior to the start of the 2019 regular season within one day, and he didn’t shed one tear at the news.

Brown, at the news of his release from Oakland, jumped for joy on a video on his Instagram ecstatic knowing he was going to get his way one way or another.

Sure enough, he did.

Not even 24 hours after his release, Brown was signed to the New England Patriots to a one-year deal. Once news broke of the signing, it really drove home the point that morals don’t matter in professional sports. 

Brown broke apart two franchises (Pittsburgh and Oakland) over selfish, irrelevant issues and was rewarded with a contract?

How is that even possible?

It would be like rewarding small children with a candy bar after they threw a hissy fit about cleaning their room. It just makes no sense. 

Then you have the players who hold out until they get a massive extension.

Now, I understand these guys put their mental and physical health on the line each and every day, but making upper management cave in so you can rake in the money is not the correct way to get your point across. 

It not only looks bad on you as a player, but it looks bad on the organization since you pretty much gave the ultimatum that you’ll throw your team to the dogs if you don’t get your desired money.


Now I bet you’re asking, “Well what can they do if issues like this happen?”

Answer: leave them to destroy their own careers.

Don’t settle by giving them what they want and, in turn, making your organization look completely weak. Hard discipline and morals are solid trade-offs than winning a championship ring.

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