Give Your Porch a Winter Makeover

(Family Features) With frigid weather and gloomy days, adding some charm and pizazz to your front porch can seem like a lost cause during the winter months. However, there are a few ways to bring a fresh, chic feel to your porch that can last through the holidays and beyond.

The front porch is typically the first thing guests and onlookers notice about your home. Though wintertime can bring dreary weather and cloudy skies, you can add plenty of curb appeal with a few fun tweaks like these easy ideas.

Take advantage of seasonal decor

Give your outdoor spaces the spirit of the season by using traditional items that can still provide a classic look once the holidays are over.  Wreaths, garlands and poinsettias, for example, as well as decor with bold winter hues like dark blues, deep red and classic black, can be used well into the new year.

Put up a sign

Whether it’s an old collectable or a hand-painted winter motif, a sign can bring color and charm to the front entry of your home.

Pick pinecones

Give your porch a natural feel by placing a wreath of pinecones on your front door. For a snowy look, lightly spray paint the tips of the pinecones white.

Add a sled

An old wooden sleigh leaning against your home can make a nostalgic, quaint statement. For a truly old-fashioned vibe, keep the sleigh its natural wood color. Or to add a splash of color, paint the sleigh a bright crimson or navy blue.

Hang a flag

Hardware and garden stores typically have an assortment of banners and flags to perk up porches. Look for designs that can last through the whole season, such as those adorned with birds, berries, branches or pine trees.

Just a few simple additions can make your porch look perfect throughout winter. Find more ideas at


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