Note cards can help separate subjects while studying.

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Students are beginning to scramble to the library as finals week approaches, and while they are all expecting it, studying can still be difficult for some.

To help those who may be struggling, I want to present tips on what makes studying an easier task for me that may work for others, as well.

A studying tip that I do a lot is using color-coded flash cards. If the subject being studied has different sections, students can label and sort them into different colored cards.

Another student who recommends this idea is Maggie Sukala (senior, foreign languages). As someone who has done student teaching, she said it also helps in keeping organized.

“Not only does it look really nice and neat, but it also helps my brain categorize tests I am taking,” she said. “I can think back to the different answers in a specific color if I am stuck but know the category.”

Another tip is to study each subject for 15 minutes. Instead of spending a whole night cramming on one subject, take 15 minutes to read a portion of one class, then go and do the same for another class. Aside from the fact that you will not get a headache from focusing on one subject for so long, you get a change of scenery by looking at different material.

By looking at each subject for a little at a time, you may even find out that some of the classes have similar topics. 

I also recommend rewriting notes. While it can be tedious and a hassle, I find that it helps me memorize what the subject is if I write out the important notes again. Sometimes, if I do not think I will remember it, I write that specific note out three or four times.

This is especially helpful if you usually write notes on a laptop or get notes from PowerPoints. It can feel like you are not learning anything if you are just copying word for word what is on the board, so you can also use the notes you have and rewrite them in your own words.

These are just a few of the many ways that can help make finals easier. Everyone has his or her own way of getting work done, so a final tip is to ask friends about their own ways.

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