The spring semester is quickly ending, and as students start to get burned out from papers, it may start becoming more difficult to write something decent for your classes. 

That’s where the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center could be your savior. 

The Writing Center, located in Eicher Hall, is a place to go for any sort of help with written assignments. 

Some of the tutors there offer excellent advice about fixing mistakes and improving your writing. 

Common errors

Many of the common mistakes the Writing Center encounters are grammatical. 

The tutors mentioned that many mistakes they see include misuses of punctuation and tenses. 

Lauren Miller (senior, English and communications media) said that she believes many high schools don’t stress grammar enough. 

Another tutor, Marina Seamans (senior, Spanish and English), said that many people forget that transitions are important in writing.

How to fix errors

Victoria Cassell (senior, communications media), who is also a staff writer for The Penn, said the best way to fix your writing is to read over what you have written. 

She also recommends reading in general. 

“Reading gives you an example of proper punctuation and grammar,” she said.

Danielle Snead (junior, English and film studies) gave advice about commas, as well. 

She recommended thinking of sentences as how you breathe when you say the sentence. 

Her example was, “Obviously, I don’t like cake.” 

The natural breath you take when saying the sentence aloud is where you would add the comma when writing.  

Tips to generally improve writing 

Cassell emphasized the Writing Center is not a judgmental place, and if you need help, they will gladly help you. 

Seamans agreed, adding that peer editing from anyone is beneficial, even if it’s just a friend. She said that we get stuck in our own heads. 

We know what we want to say, but someone else might be able to point out mistakes we don’t even notice. 

Miller, Snead and Seamans each said that writing always improves with practice.

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